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Letters to the Editor: Plastic Bag Ban

To the Editor:

Assemblyman Michael Torrissi’s letter lamenting the plastic bag ban recently enacted in New Jersey appears quite myopic in scope. It’s a ban that New Jerseyans have had about a year-and-a-half notice to prepare for, but it seems the Assemblyman used this issue really to cast aspersions on those rotten Democrats. All Mr. Torrissi has to do is drive across the Delaware River to neighboring Pennsylvania and see that New Jersey is not alone in enforcing a ban on plastic bags. Aw, but it’s because of those damn Democrats, over there, too creating more hardships for their people, right?

Shame on those Democrats for trying to make the environment a cleaner place for their grandchildren to inherit in future generations.What will those Democrats think of next? Maybe advocate for solar energy or wind power to alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels that are slowly sapping the air that we breathe?

In Hammonton, various civic and school clubs periodically devote a day to picking up trash laying on the sides of our frequently navigated streets downtown, and guess what one of the main pieces of detritus they gather? You guessed it: plastic bags.

The Assemblyman uses the example of a WaWa shopper faced with the conundrum of what to put their purchased items in now that the plastic ban is in effect.

The plastic bag ban is now like the speed limit. It’s the law! As an elected official, Assemblyman Torrissi should use his Perspectives column the way County Clerk Joseph Giralo and County Commissioner James Bertino use theirs i.e. educating the public on how government works, and informing people of their obligations in becoming model citizens, obeying and being informed on changes in New Jersey laws and ethics, and not blaming the other party for everything he doesn’t agree with.

Chick DeCicco



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