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Letters to the Editor: Ready for a change

To the Editor:

As I have been meeting people around town the overwhelming support I have been receiving has been phenomenal, and shows me that Hammonton is ready for a change.

So much so that it seems our Hammonton First opponents are also taking notice, after some research I came across a term which may explain their actions. Agoraphobia is one of the closest phobia associated with a fear of losing control. So while I am discussing my vision for the future of Hammonton, it seems that the mayor is only worried about losing control.

My vision for the future is simple. I want to bring new leadership that will focus on many areas of concern.

Our infrastructure needs attention, not just paving over the streets but dealing with what is below.

We need to do more to attract ratables that will help keep our taxes low and not burden our school system and provide jobs for young and old.

We need to be more transparent in all council matters and be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, spending on what is needed and eliminate any frivolous spending.

While the present administration is touting no tax increases, they have quietly raised many fees including a 300 percent increase in the cost of inspection for landlords, that passed with only Councilman Joseph Giralo voting no. In saying that it will improve living conditions all it really does is put a larger burden on tenants who have been struggling with the COVID-19-related economy and state mandates and on property owners who in turn will have to raise rents.

So while saying we have no tax increase this year, which happens to be an election year, what will happen in 2022?

Our police department and municipal offices are understaffed and, in some cases I believe, underpaid unless you are part of the “Friends and Family” group.

We have heard in the past of the Hammonton First 10-year road program and yet many of our residential streets are in serious disrepair, and doubt we have even had 10 roads repaired. This year they blamed it on price increase from the covid-19 shutdowns but had they not waited to try to make it a photo op for election season, there could have been results instead of wishes and promises.

I will bring you leadership that will be open and I will listen to all the concerns of every citizen, treating all equally and fairly and never refer to a citizen’s opinion as being “from the cheap seats.” One of my goals is to create a Citizen Advisory Board to allow input from a variety of groups throughout town, so that every citizen will know what is happening and have a chance to voice their opinion.

My work has taken me all over the tri-state area and when I mention where I live the two things mentioned most are blueberries and Bagliani’s. Hammonton is a great town but we can be better.

My experience and contacts in the building industry give me the opportunity to reach out to many commercial and corporate developers to show them all Hammonton has to offer. In bringing new ratables into town we can continue to grow, help our small restaurants, shops, wineries and craft beer companies gain new customers, at the same time not adding additional costs and burdens on our school budget.

My vision is simple: to keep Hammonton affordable for all our residents.

This election is not about control, but the future of Hammonton.

It makes you wonder why there is so much agoraphobia from Hammonton First? Why is absolute power so important to Mayor Stephen DiDonato?

You can ask them if they ever come around. Please vote column A for a better, state, county and town.

It is time for a change.

Let’s make Hammonton better, prouder, stronger!

William “Bill” Cappuccio

Republican Candidate for Mayor



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