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Letters to the Editor: Republican Candidate for Mayor

To the Editor:

As I started my campaign for mayor my theme was “Time for Change,” after speaking with many Hammonton residents I realized that the same thought was on many of our residents’ minds. Every day we see what is happening in our nation’s capital with career politicians who lose sight of the reason they are there. In every stage of government, we must remember the basic principle that this country was founded on, “Government by the People; For the People.” Over the past decade our local leaders seemed to have lost that vision.

If elected my administration will bring those ideals back. We will make every meeting open and receptive to public ideas and opinions. There will be no “closed” or “executive” sessions unless required by law. Every citizen should have a voice and a forum to express their concerns and opinions without restrictions.

One of the first items I would like to address is the formation of a citizen advisory board, comprised of residents from all age groups and walks of life. This will enable everyone to have a voice in the future of our town and the direction that it goes.

Lorraine, my wife of 37 years who was a schoolteacher in Hammonton, has from the beginning of this campaign instilled one thought in me, do not make promises you cannot keep. Many times, people seeking elected office will think that they should promise the moon when they cannot deliver even a star. The only promises I will make to the voters of Hammonton is that I will work for the change you so desire and I will be a mayor for all the people not just the “Friends and Family” we have now. There are many things about this town that we all love so much but we need to do more.

We need to find a way to bring clean ratables into town that will not burden our school system, we need to be more fiscally responsible with our spending and we need to address not only our roads but the infrastructure beneath them. We need to try to hold the line on taxes without cumbersome fees that affect property owners and developers. Hammonton needs to return to the time when we were the jewel of South Jersey and the hub for the entire area.

We need an administration that allows department heads to do their job without political interference and we need to be sure we have the most qualified people in all positions to make our town function as any large business should.

With your vote of confidence my team Rick Fichetola, Anthony Rizzotte, Tony Penza and myself Bill Cappuccio will be the new leadership that Hammonton wants and needs and will work for a brighter future for this town that we all love so much.

It is “Time For a Change” and that time is now! On November 2, vote Column A from top to bottom for a team with a unique vision for the future of Hammonton.

William “Bill” Cappuccio

Republican Candidate for Mayor



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