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Letters to the Editor: Republicans running for Town Council

To the Editor:

As we approach Independence Day, I have considered the most significant ramifications of the American experiment with democracy and was reminded of an anecdotal story about Benjamin Franklin. Shortly after the Constitutional Convention ended, a passerby shouted to the octogenarian representative, “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” Franklin wittily responded, “a republic, if we can keep it.” Central to the idea of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence was the idea of the checks and balances of government.

As we approach Independence Day, I ask the people of Hammonton what kind of government they want? Because our current rule of one party is not a democracy. However, my running mates Renee Rodio, Adam Re and I want to be elected to Hammonton’s Town Council to provide the necessary checks and balances to our local government.

Within the past few weeks, many residents have received a flyer discussing stormwater utilities from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. This advocacy group is essentially lobbying the town of Hammonton to consider taxing residents based on the rainwater runoff from their property. Although drainage and stormwater runoff has been a persistent problem in this town, I do not think taxing the residents of Hammonton will help provide a salient solution to this issue. Our post-Covid-19 economic recovery has been hampered by runaway inflation, high fuel prices and increased taxes and inspection fee rates from our town government.

Our current administration’s budget will require them to raise the water and sewer rates even further. Now is not the time to consider new taxes. Although I am also concerned about the environment, I propose that we work with our federal, county and local governments first to find alternatives to raising taxes.

With Republicans on Hammonton’s Town Council, we would provide the necessary checks and balances to potential spending increases and work with Local leaders like Assemblyman Mike Torrissi, Atlantic County Clerk Joe Giralo, and Commissioner James Bertino within our state and county government to find alternative solutions to this problem.

The incredible privileges and duties of the local government require responsible leaders to find common ground and work toward the town’s good for everyone. My running mates and I will be the first to question every expenditure, ordinance and idea during council meetings. However, it is equally crucial for us to be clear that we are also the right people who will seek to find common ground and build bridges and coalitions with the other pollical organizations in town.

Innovative solutions and outside-the-box thinking will not come from emphasizing what divides us but rather what unites us. That’s why it is also essential that we continue to work with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and advocacy groups that may never vote Republican for the common good. To answer the question about what kind of government I want for Hammonton: I say that we put forward the government that promotes the best ideas and people for the job. The choice is yours in November.

Joshua Trepiccione

President and Council Candidate

Hammonton Regular

Republican Club


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