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Letters to the Editor: Rizzotte for Town Council

To the Editor:

Unitary State. A one-party state, one-party system, or single party system in which there is only one political party. This form of government rules through a single party.

Our town, the town of Hammonton, is moving in this direction. As things stand now the majority holds six of seven seats on council. Our town although a democracy in appearance is close to becoming a one-party system.

On the surface the town appears to be moving in the right direction but are we really? We don’t know what goes on behind the doors in closed session.

We need balanced representation on council to ensure that there is active discussion on issues that will ultimately impact the town. Balanced representation will allow differing opinions and perspectives putting us in the position to weight the pros and cons and make an intelligent and informed decision. It is my belief that an elected official should work with the best interest of the people in mind.

There should always be honesty and transparency in decision making so that the people of the town can understand why a specific course of action was taken. Sound rational decisions should be made that are objective, can be supported and clearly justified. We need to maintain a system of “checks and balances” so that even the minority can “check” and provide transparency to our constituents. If elected I and the rest of the Republican team which include William “Bill” Cappuccio for mayor, Rocco “Rick” Fichetola and Tony Penza for council will bring this to the table. We believe it is time for change and we will provide fresh objective input into decision making. On November 2 we are asking for your support so that we can move Hammonton in the right direction while keeping the best interest of the public in mind.

Anthony Rizzotte

Republican Candidate

for Town Council



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