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Letters to the Editor: See Shrek the Musical

To the Editor:

Twenty-eight months ago, the Hammonton High School Drama club held auditions for Shrek the Musical. Just hours before opening night, the cast, crew, and the adults leading them learned they had to leave the curtain closed and wait for conditions to improve before they could return to our beautiful performing arts center at Hammonton High School. Eventually, the difficult decision was made to dismantle the sets, store away the costumes and cancel the show entirely. Although sports resumed in the 2020-2021 school year, singing indoors was still a safety hazard and the drama club had to wait until this school year to return.

This past December, after about a dozen of the original cast members had graduated, Shrek the Musical has been recast with many students reprising their original roles. As a father, I’m thrilled to see three of my children finally take the stage in a few weeks. I didn’t write this letter to complain that our kids couldn’t perform; I am thrilled with the way our school administration and board of education protected our community over the last two years. I just want these kids to have a full audience when they take the stage at the end of this month.

Despite rehearsing more than 20 hours weekly for three months with a team just as talented as their athlete peers, theater kids just don’t get the same attention as sports teams and can sometimes feel like outcasts. The theme of Shrek is to be true to yourself and not to let others’ perception keep you down.

These kids live that message every day and absolutely deserve the applause at the end of the month to show them that they are appreciated and valued. Please come see Shrek the Musical. If you haven’t seen the musical version before, you’ll be astounded by the great music, the costumes, stage design and especially the talent of our young people (plus it is absolutely hilarious). Bring your families, encourage your neighbors and be a part of the ovation that will signal the end of what has been a painful two years for the performing arts. Shrek the Musical will be performed March 31 through April 2 at 7 p.m. Buy tickets in advance at

Geoff Gollihur



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