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Letters to the Editor: Sustainable Future

To the Editor:

I am quite shocked and dismayed that a young family man from Hammonton representing us in the NJ Assembly has written such foolish and immature words to describe his disagreement with the plastic bag ban. Instead of being proud of the work of so many to keep our land and seas clean of pollution and our sea creatures safe from destruction, Mike Torrissi has chosen to mock the bi-partisan citizenry for their attempts to keep our Earth, the only one we have, healthy and sustainable for ourselves and all future generations. All living creatures depend on a clean environment for food, water and shelter.

Mike, take it from a local elder, it doesn’t matter with which political party you identify. We all want and need a sustainable and lasting earth for future generations. Let’s not make political hay out of something as important as a clean future for our earth. Plastic bag bans, renewable energy, even the old signs, “You will be fined for littering” are just the beginning steps to ensure that there will be no end to our future. Let’s not mock those with the ideas. If you have better ideas on how to keep our earth from harm, let’s hear about them in your next perspective in the paper.

Barbara Neary



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