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Letters to the Editor: Vote Joe Giralo

To the Editor:

Here we go again! Last year, there was a disaster in the District 3 Commissioner’s race where incorrect ballots were mailed out. A new election will cost the taxpayer’s $100,000 dollars. Now, it appears that the county clerk’s office has again messed up. They have sent out absentee ballots that will not be scannable. This would require expensive manual counts. We should be outraged.

The County Clerk’s office needs someone who has the management abilities and attention to detail to prevent this type of carelessness. This is why I am voting for Joe Giralo for County Clerk this year. As Hammontonians already know, Joe is a workhorse not a show horse. He has a tremendous work ethic and focus to see projects through to their successful conclusion.

When Joe was first elected to our local school board, it was disaster with financial mismanagement running rampant. Joe was instrumental in turning the situation around. He had no magic formula other than hard work. He approved every check, verified every purchase, held everyone accountable, and kept the public informed. When the district voted to renovate our aging elementary school, Joe was on our local access television station every week. He walked viewers through each phase of the renovation and let them know where their tax dollars were going. The results speak for themselves. When Joe joined the school board, the district was facing a state takeover. When he left, we were enjoying surpluses in the millions.

Joe is the leader that we need in the County Clerk’s office. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I hope you will join me in supporting Joe this November. The taxpayers deserve no less.

JD Calderone



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