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Maintaining vehicle cleanliness

Keep your vehicle clean to avoid hazardous driving conditions. (Courtesy Photo)

Your goal should be to vacuum and wash your vehicle at least one to two times per month.

If this isn’t possible with your schedule and day-to-day life, here are some tips that can help you maintain a clean car.

Clean and Declutter

Rolling cups and piling trash can be distracting and hazardous if they find their way near your gas or brake pedal. Place all your trash in a small trash can or plastic bag. Having one place where everyone who rides in your car can place their trash will help you keep your car clean with minimal effort.

If you have a busy schedule, take the few minutes you have while pumping gas to empty the trash can, cups and any other waste that may be in your vehicle.

The floor of your vehicle may always remain the messiest part of your car. Buying all-weather mats that you can easily slide out and shake off will help you make fewer trips to vacuum.

Car cup holders can get pretty messy from time to time. The bottom of your cups can create a sludge buildup that can stain seats and clothes if you aren’t careful. Throw away cups and small trash you may throw in the cup holders to keep from creating cup holder sludge.

Take Advantage of Space

One of the most overlooked spaces for storage in your vehicle is your glove box. If utilized correctly, your glove box can be filled with various items that can help keep you, your car and passengers clean.

For most drivers, your glove box contains an owner’s manual and papers relating to the vehicle. It can be one of the most forgotten storage areas in your vehicle. Throw auto wet wipes inside for wiping up spills.

You can take it a step further and purchase a small storage bag to fill with various items such as wet wipes, cotton swabs, a phone charger and other items. Keeping extra plastic bags to use as your vehicle trash can is another way to take advantage of the space in the glove box.

Another space that is not always fully utilized is your trunk. Your trunk should contain items that can help you during an emergency situation. Keep items like a portable car battery charger, spare clothing such as a heavy jacket or rain coat and rain boots, in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.


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