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Marquez Meats sells pork, steak & more

Kristin Guglietti/THG Amador Marquez, owner of Marquez Meats, stands behind the counter.

Marquez Meats sells a little bit of everything when it comes to meat.

The butcher shop opened in October of 2022 at 17 12th St.

The owner, Amador Marquez, who also owns Marquez Grill on 8 Railroad Ave., worked as a cook for a different restaurant for many years and on Oct. 21, 2020 he opened Marquez Grill.

When the idea for the restaurant came up, Marquez Meats manager Lupe Briano said he

thought it was a good idea.

“He was like, ‘What if I start out with opening a business?’ And I told him, ‘You know what, you know how to cook. You know how to do it. People know you. Everybody in town, a lot of people, know you as a cook, so that was a good idea,’” Briano said.

After the restaurant opened, opening Marquez Meats a few years later was the next step.

“Instead of looking for meat at other places, he opened up his own butcher shop and then he can create his own cuts, prepare his own meat and sell it at the restaurant,” Briano said.

Marquez Meats sells almost every meat someone can think of from chicken to pork to lamb and even goat.

“We do have rib eye, T-bone, sirloin, filet mignon. We have briskets,” Briano said.

When it comes to chicken, Marquez Meats has drumsticks and wings.

Other meats and fish they have include beef tongue, oxtail, ground pork, pork sausage, rabbit, tilapia and salmon.

“We have a little bit of a variety. Not everybody likes the same. Different customers, different people looking for different things to pick up,” Briano said.

Most of the meat is from local farmers or they receive meat from Pennsylvania and Indiana.

“We try to find most of it local,” Briano said.

While he’s working at the butcher shop, Briano said he enjoys interacting with customers the most.

“Make them feel comfortable like they’re at home. They can come in, see what they like and give them exactly what they need,” Briano said.

According to Briano, Marquez Meats is looking to move to a bigger location in Hammonton.

“We actually want to move to another place, so we can expand and make bigger and more reasonable for customers,” Briano said.

Marquez chose Hammonton because there’s lots of opportunities for small business.

According to Briano, the number of small businesses and restaurants in town doesn’t matter because if it’s authentic, people are going to visit.

“If you’re offering something authentic, you’re not going to compete with anybody. It’s just offering what you have,” Briano said.

This year Marquez wants to open another restaurant in Hammonton. Briano said they are hoping to open during the second week of April.

The restaurant will be across the street from Marquez Grill where The Central Bar used to be on 19 N. Egg Harbor Rd.

“Part of it would be the meat place and part of it would be the restaurant,” Briano said.

For more information about Marquez Meats, call (609) 666-5573 and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @marquezmeats.


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