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Offering delicious chocolate-covered treats

THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. Jessica Dottoli poses for a photo at her location in Simply Salon Suites.

Located in the Simply Salon Suites, Dipped by Dottoli is a dessert shop that prides itself on putting chocolate on things. As the website says, everything tastes better dipped in chocolate. Offering chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels and different themed desserts, Dipped By Dottoli has something for every occasion. The owner of Dipped by Dottoli, Jessica Dottoli, took time to meet with The Gazette to discuss the business further. Dottoli explained why she started the business, saying that she loved chocolate covered strawberries and would order them regularly.

“I actually ordered chocolate covered strawberries one time and I figured they were really easy to make,” Dottoli said.

Starting her business in the middle of COVID-19, Dottoli made strides to make her product the best on the market. Working in her kitchen at home, Dottoli made customer orders of chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels and other sweets. By the time Simply Salon Suites was looking for suite owners, Dottoli had already made a name for herself with her product. When asked about what her friends and customers think of the product, Dottoli explained their reaction.

“They said that this is the best chocolate they’ve ever had... just how fresh the strawberries were too,” Dottoli said.

After working from her own home for some time, eventually Dottoli was contacted by Simply Salon Suites.

“My step-brother owns this (Simply Salon Suites) and said ‘there’s an odd shaped room, do you want to try and work with it,’ and I said yes... I started in my apartment,” Dottoli said.

After accepting the suite in the Simply Salon Suites building, Dottoli got to work making the space her own. The white walls of the room clash well with the red coloring of the Dipped by Dottoli logo, and Dottoli added some nice leaves to a beam in the center of the room, adding an earthy feel to the suite. She brought her appliances and her skills to work, making sure that every single customer was satisfied.

“Satisfying them is definitely the best part, like getting the messages after like ‘this is so good,’ and ‘you did such a good job,’” Dottoli said.

With her friends and customers supplying compliments, Dottoli knew she had something special with Dipped by Dottoli. Dottoli explained that her most popular item on the menu was an item that she enjoyed herself.

“The most popular item is the strawberries,” Dottoli said.

The chocolate covered strawberries made by Dottoli are raved about in town, with the fresh strawberries and savory chocolate that melts in your mouth. Dottoli said that she gets her strawberries from Philadelphia, where she hand picked them from the Philadelphia Wholesale Market.

Looking towards the future, Dottoli would like to expand her business a little further. With her skills in making great desserts, Dottoli explained to The Gazette that she might want to try her hand in cakes.

“I definitely want my own bakery. I want to start making cakes, setting up party tables,” Dottoli said.

Dottoli explained that making cakes would be something she would pursue in the future, but is happy with her space at the moment. She is happy with the space that Simply Salon Suites has given her and is determined to give the best experience she can to her customers.

For more information on Dipped By Dottoli, or to order some delicious treats, head to their website at or call (856) 530-1267.


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