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Paws & Rufflect opens uptown

Carina Cafiso/THG Zoe Stote, owner of Paws and Rufflect holds her daughter Madeline.

There’s a new groomer in town, and she’s brought a whole lot of love, treats and expertise with her. Meet Zoe Stote, master groomer and proud owner of Paws and Rufflect located at 10 N. White Horse Pike.

As a one-woman show, Stote’s dedication to her craft is unparalleled. Her all-inclusive approach ensures every furry friend receives the one-on-one treatment they deserve.

“I never agreed with people coming in and having to choose services à la carte. Every pet that sees me gets everything that I offer: their nails clipped and filed, their teeth brushed, I even provide breath spray, their ears cleaned, and a good bath and massage with whatever shampoo works best for their skin. I do have medicated shampoo for pets with allergies or any topical condition. Blush, brow dry and haircut to liking are all part of the package.

Everything is all included,” Stote said.

Stote’s grooming journey began over a decade ago when, as a college student, she sought a low-stress job at PetSmart as a bather. Recognizing her talent early on, the company wasted no time in sending her to grooming school shortly after she started.

From there Stote continued to fine-tune her craft, earning national certifications in canine CPR and first aid.

Stote’s artistic talents extend beyond the salon, as she spends her free time creating art at home. Alongside grooming services, Stote will offer a variety of social events:

April 5 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Paws and Rufflect will host their first custom pet portrait Paint and Sip (BYOB), under the guidance of Stote.

April 28 from 11 a.m. to noon Stote will be hosting a N.J. Pet Owners Home & Safety Course, ensuring furry friends stay safe at home.

To secure a spot or host an event, text Paws and Rufflect at (609) 569-2568.

With a heart as big as her love for animals, Stote truly goes above and beyond to ensure each friend feels cherished. Specializing in anxious and aggressive pets, she creates a calming environment, often accompanied by soothing music and spa sounds.

“Involuntarily every dog gets a little song—I sing to them constantly! I talk to them all day long, they’re my friends. It’s so cheesy, but I feel like I have gotten to know their language over the years. They really do talk to you if you’re willing to listen,” Stote said.

Aside from her role as a mom to a 4-year-old daughter and two rescued pit mix dogs, as well as caring for cats and birds, Stote also finds joy in nurturing her collection of plants. Some of her plants can be seen hanging in the salon, adding a touch of vitality.

Within just four weeks of purchasing the property, Stote and her grandparents completely transformed the space. Now, adorned with a refreshing white and green color scheme, new flooring and a large window flooding the space with natural light, the store radiates warmth.

“It makes me happy every day. When I started I never wanted a dog to be just a number. I always need to talk to them and their parents and go over history. I might own the place, but these dogs are the boss. I know what I need to do, but as far as how it’s done and when it’s done, they have to tell me that. I love to listen to the animals. I need to make sure they’re alright with everything,” Stote said.

For all of your grooming needs, call Paws and Rufflect at (609) 569-2568 or visit them on Facebook.


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