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Perspective / Atlantic County Clerk

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This month I want to keep it light. I want to have some fun talking about something you might know or not know. We live in a very unique place, where our municipalities have official names and then there are those “local” names. Atlantic County is made of 23 municipalities (political subdivisions).

They range greatly in size and in population. Our beautiful county runs from the ocean to the “center” of South Jersey. With all of that being said, some of us know a “local” name versus exactly which municipality they actually are a part of. Some of these local names have been around from the beginning of time and some are newer.

So here we go, see if you know where they are. I will put the “local” name first and they which incorporated, township, town or city they belong.

Absecon Highlands (Galloway Township), Amatol (Mullica Township), Bargaintown (Egg Harbor Township), Belcoville (Weymouth Township) Bellehaven (Linwood City), Bellhurst (Town of Hammonton), Brigantine Junction (Galloway Township), Cardiff (Egg Harbor Township), Chelsea (Atlantic City), Chestnut Neck (Port Republic City), City Island (Atlantic City), Clark’s Landing (Egg Harbor City), Collings Lakes (Buena Vista Township), Cologne Station (Galloway Township), Cologne (Galloway Township), DaCosta (Town of Hammonton), Dorothy (Weymouth Township), East Hammonton (Mullica Township), Elwood (Mullica Township), English Creek (Egg Harbor Township), Farmington (Egg Harbor Township), Five Points (Buena Vista Township), Germania (Galloway Township), Gravelly Run (Hamilton Township), Great Swamp (Town of Hammonton), head of River (Estell Manor City), Higbeetown (Galloway Township), Indian Cabin (Mullica Township), Jeffers Landing (Egg Harbor Township), Landisville (Buena Borough), Leeds point (Galloway Township), Mays Landing (Hamilton Township), McKee City (Egg Harbor Township), Milmay (Buena Vista Township), Minotola (Buena Borough), Nesco (Mullica Township), New Columbia (Mullica Township), New Italy (Buena Vista Township), Pancoast (Buena Vista Township), Penny Pot (Folsom Borough), Pleasant Mills (Mullica Township), Pomona (Galloway Township), Richland (Buena Vista Township), Rockford (Town of Hammonton), Rosedale (Town of Hammonton), Sculliville (Egg Harbor Township), Sweetwater (Mullica Township), Weeks Town (Mullica Township), Westcoatville (Mullica Township), West Atlantic City (Egg Harbor Township), West Mills (Town of Hammonton) and Weymouth (Hamilton Township).

These are not by any stretch of the imagination all of our “local” names, but many that you may or may not be familiar with. Many “local” names are a specific area by people familiar with a specific area originated from the time the area was first developed. One can only think back to the development of our county and where some of these names originated from…..some days its great to take a trip down memory lane when we all lived in a simpler time.

Next month I will give an update on several of the changes that have taken place at the Clerk’s Office. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 609-625-4011.

Joseph J. Giralo

Atlantic County Clerk


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