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Perspective: 5th District

Atlantic County Fifth District Commissioner James Bertino and Atlantic County Clerk Joseph Giralo. (Courtesy Photo)

I have been asked by some residents, “Where and what is available for my family to do here in the Atlantic County Park System?” With the cost of gas so high, I guess they are looking to enjoy the great outdoors right here in Atlantic County. So in this edition of my view, I wanted to touch on what’s right here you can enjoy if you choose to do so in the Division of Parks and Recreation.

Lake Lenape Park

Lake Lenape Park East and Lake Lenape Park West are located in Hamilton Twp. and together encompass nearly 2,000 acres of land. Each park offers a variety of activities and facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy with its own entrance and access points. Boating is allowed on the lake with proper permits as required. All boaters must comply with state regulations and laws.

Lake Lenape Park West is located on the western side of Lake Lenape. The park entrance is located at 6303 Harding Highway in Mays Landing. Some of the many things to do there are mountain biking, camping, kayak/canoe access, fishing, nature trails, playgrounds, picnic tables to name a few.

Lake Lenape Park East is located on the eastern side of the Lake and offers the most scenic views of the lake. Renovations have recently been completed and include a new pavilion and a refurbished catering hall. It’s available for special events and weddings for more than 250 guests.

Estell Manor Park

Estell Manor Park is located 3.5 miles south of Mays Landing on Rt. 50. It is bordered by the Great Egg Harbor River/South River to the east and by Rt. 50 to the west. In all, it is about 1700 acres large. This is Atlantic County Park System’s most popular park and the Division of Parks and Recreation headquarters. The Warren E. Fox Nature Center is located within Estell Manor Park. This is the headquarters for environmental education within the Parks System. Things to do there include about 27 miles of trails stretching through a variety of habitats and a Swamp Trail Boardwalk that is a 1.8 mile fully accessible elevated trail that crosses some of the most beautiful areas of the park. You will see streams, a cedar swamp and the ruins of the Bethlehem Loading Company along the way.

There is so much more and the editor only allows so many spaces (print a larger paper?). Just to mention a few more The Park at Weymouth Furnace, Penny Pot Park, Gaskill Park, Leeds Point Natural Area, you get the point. Enjoy all there is right here in Atlantic County. You deserve a break.

James Bertino

Fifth District


Atlantic County


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