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Perspective: Atlantic County Clerk

Atlantic County Clerk Joseph Giralo. (THG/Dillon Siddiqi. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609)704-1940.)

As we head into the fall, I am happy to announce a brand-new initiative that is happening at the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office.

It’s not often that new services are announced that cost you, the consumer, nothing.

I am so pleased to announce that Property Fraud Alert Services are now available. One might ask what type of service is this and why is it needed. We as a society are living in very different times with all the technology now at everyone’s finger tips today. The world we once knew is gone.

This new software which has been installed will provide owners as well as their loved ones with some peace of mind knowing that they would receive an alert if a document is recorded in a particular name. Fraud in Atlantic County is rare; however reports of its increase nationwide are concerning to myself as well as my staff. This service is free and subscribers that register will receive an email when a real property document is recorded which matches the requested name or parcel data parameters.

The alert system is useful for many scenarios:

1. To receive confirmation of the recording of documents prior to and after a real estate closing.

2. To receive confirmation that a lien discharge has been recorded.

3. To monitor for fraudulent document intended to transfer a property and/or obtain a mortgage loan affecting a property.

4. To monitor for liens, including municipal tax liens, recorded for non-payment of municipal taxes.

It is easy to register via our website:

You will not receive an alert if you do not register. To register for an account you will need to provide an email and select a password.

You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Following activation, you may set party name parameters to receive an alert when a document meeting those parameters is indexed at the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office.

Alternatively, subscribers may submit parcel data-municipality, tax block and lot for an alert.

Please be aware that parcel data is not contained in all recorded documents and therefore not captured in the data base. The registration of party name(s) is recommended for email alerts. The registration of parcel data is secondary.

This service only provides for documents recorded in the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office. It does not monitor any other data bases.

An alert is triggered when a document is recorded matching a specific parameter set. Subscribers are strongly encouraged to enter a name in a variety of ways so they don’t miss an alert-i.e. Last Name, First Name with a middle initial, without a middle initial, with a middle name. If the parameter is set for GIRALO JOSEPH J and the recorded document is indexed as GIRALO J an alert will not be sent.

I encourage everyone to sign up for this service. If you have questions please feel free to contact the office.

Joseph J. Giralo

Atlantic County Clerk

Mays Landing


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