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Perspective: Hammonton Police Department

Hammonton Police Chief Kevin J. Friel sits at his desk for the Chat with the Chief Facebook video on March 17. (Courtesy Photo)

The grass is turning green.

The flowers are in bloom.

The cars on our roadways,

go speeding by…varoom.

The residents are complaining,

Their points, important

and true.

Motorists should go back

to following laws,

Or see lots of blinking light

of white, red and blue.

We are ramping up enforcement campaigns to keep our community safe. There is an increase in drivers on our roadways who are violating motor vehicle laws that infringe upon the safety of our wonderful town of Hammonton. You will see many officers out monitoring roadways looking for speeding, distracted driving and other violations that lead to crashes and injury.

These fine officers are out there with the community in mind, stopping and educating violators, and issuing citations as needed in the mission to keep our town a safe one.

We want to inform our citizens that we will be out there doing this. This isn’t a speed trap or a scheme to ticket motorists. This is a response to the concerns of our community. I warmly welcome anyone with concerns or problems to report them to us. You may do so by phone, email or by using our Hammonton Police Department Citizens Services Portal (

Let’s be careful and conscientious drivers as the warm weather approaches and share the roadway with other vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. We need you to help us keep our community a safe and enjoyable one.

Kevin J. Friel

Chief of Police



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