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Perspective: Torrissi in Trenton

New Jersey Assemblyman (R-8) and Hammonton resident Michael Torrissi (top, left) took the oath of office on January 11 in Trenton. After the ceremony he posed for a picture with his wife Katie (next to Torrissi) and (bottom row) his father Michael, daughter Sophia and sister Carianne Torrissi. Torrissi previously served on town council. (Courtesy Photo)

It has been almost two months since being sworn into the General Assembly, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the new job.

While the public perception of a state legislator is someone who makes laws, there’s so many ways we can make a positive impact. Don’t get me wrong, providing checks and balances to the governor and changing the tax-and-spend culture of Trenton will always be a top priority, but fixing the minutiae of government on an individual basis can also change lives.

I’ve been able to support grant opportunities, get people through to unemployment, help them renew their driver’s license and much more. The list goes on and on.

I’ve relished learning the different ways to make an impact as a state legislator even at times when it seems like the gears are grinding to a halt in Trenton. As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

But back to the State House. I received my committee assignments—Special Committee on Infrastructure and Natural Resources and Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations. Committees started meeting in person in Trenton once again, as we finally return to normal in the capital and end COVID restrictions. I also experienced my first voting session on February 28.

I’m very thankful for my years on the Hammonton Town Council for preparing me for the voting process.

So far I have sponsored 14 bills in the Assembly, and I have some proposed new legislation coming in March that deals with issues ranging from making the CDL licensing process easier to agriculture representation in the Pinelands.

Locally, we continue to work with Hammonton and our other District 8 municipalities to help them with any state issues like getting much needed money here in South Jersey.

March first also saw the passing of the new legislative map for the next eight years. The good news is that Hammonton is staying in the 8th District, and we are adding Folsom, Mullica and Egg Harbor City in Atlantic County.

We are also adding Washington Twp., Tabernacle and Bass River in Burlington County.

Unfortunately, we will no longer represent our friends in Camden County in Waterford, Pine Hill and Berlin. I am excited about the new map as it brings more of Atlantic County to us and additional Pinelands areas.

It will allow us to continue to focus on blue-collar, dinner-table issues that help the working class people.

I know it’s only been two months, but I have yet to regret my decision to run for state office and the ability to make a difference in New Jersey.

But hey, first impressions are everything. Please contact me at for anything and God Bless America!

Michael Torrissi Jr.


8th District



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