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Phone book helps vets

Hammonton Phone Directory book from 2019. The 2021 edition will be distributed in August. (THG/Kristin Guglietti. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Since we’re on the subject of local institutions like the town clock, another local institution should be supported by all local businesses and residents: the Hammonton Phone Directory.

Hammonton is fortunate to have many examples of things that help keep the local community bonds tight. The fund drive for the restoration of the town clock was one. Others include the local school district, St. Joseph Academy, the downtown town hall, the civic clubs and churches, the sports teams, the town flag, The Gazette and of course, our town’s local phone book, put together by Arthur Orsi of the American Legion.

Orsi has worked hard for 25 years on producing the phone book each year. Thanks to his work, all Hammontonians have access to a great reference whenever we want to quickly look up phone numbers and view page after page of advertisements for local businesses.

It’s one of the best places to easily find all sorts of Hammonton data in one place—and it’s sent to all residents, free of charge.

Most importantly, the Hammonton Phone Directory is a major fundraiser for the American Legion, an organization that has helped local veterans for decades. Supporting the phone book with your business ad means your business is supporting the veterans of Hammonton.

Placing an ad in the local phone book is easy. Simply call Orsi at (609) 561-7012 to reserve an ad for your business.

Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the phone book was not distributed in February as in normal years. Instead, it will be distributed to residents in August to allow for a year’s worth of advertising for all advertisers.

The Hammonton Phone Directory is an institution, one that has been a part of our town for generations. Let’s all do our part to make this year’s phone book better than ever and help support our local veterans.


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