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Providing supplements through teas

Owners Javier and Maritza Coronel in front of their loaded teas menu. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

On Central Avenue, a new nutrition store has arrived. The business, called Four K Nutrition, focuses on supplements and vitamins you may not be getting on a regular day-to-day basis. With their drinks and shakes, the owners Javier Coronel and Maritza Coronel try to help their customers with getting all those supplements and vitamins in one sitting. Their shakes and teas all contain these supplements, but also are the healthiest drinks available. Using aloe and water as a base for the drinks, the business allows for the ultimate customization of a drink, while also staying healthy.

“It’s not about just dieting, it has to become a habit. Changing your eating habits, changing your mindset about just eating right,” Maritza Coronel said.

The drinks are made by Javier and Maritza personally, as the two had decided they wanted to make the experience more personal for their customers and themselves. Engaging with the community was something the business strives for, said Javier Coronel. The community in Hammonton was something that the business felt right away, and wanted to act on it. Providing a way to give back to the community, and helping others with nutrition is like a passion Maritca Coronel said. The business itself has over 10 years of experience in the nutrition industry, and has a good grasp of how to make these drinks because they have used them themselves.

“Herbalife … is one of the number one nutrition company in the world, that’s our product … I’ve been consuming them for the past 12 years, so I’m a product of the product,” Maritza Coronel said.

The atmosphere of Four K Nutrition is a welcoming one, with comfortable furniture lining the walls of the store. Guests can find books to read, as well as tables to work on. Four K Nutrition wants to keep the store social and a place for the community to relax. The walls of the store are all painted black, except for a piece of the wall that has a tropical theme to it. Gold moulding lines the walls, as well as other welcoming touches, such as a mirror. Lights can be seen dangling over the bar in a beautiful fashion, creating a brightly lit station for Javier and Maritza to make the drinks.

“We wanted those colors and those tones to stand out, but at the same time, the people to feel welcome,” Javier Coronel said.

The shop offers special “loaded teas” and protein shakes, which is their main focus. However, the store also offers different donuts, protein bars and other items to fit the theme of the drinks and shakes. The drinks themselves are made exclusively by Maritza and Javier Coronel, and contain mostly water, aloe and supplements. The teas and shakes can also be made to order, as you can add certain things to them like Reese’s Pieces. The goal is to create the healthiest option as possible for their customers, but the owners offer the add-ons as well.

“You don’t feel that guilt because you’re having something delicious … we try to stay on the healthy side always, that’s why our teas don’t have any sugar. What we add there is the aloe vera, which has the flavor of mango, tangerine, berries, that’s what gives you the sugar,” Maritza Coronel said.

The owners wanted the store to feel like a healthy Starbucks, offering more than just nutritional shakes and teas. The atmosphere, as well as the menu, was based on this philosophy.

By offering more than just shakes, the store can provide a space for the community to relax and unwind, gaining the supplements they need as well as enjoying the drink and snack. For more information on Four K Nutrition, check out their Facebook page, or their Instagram @fourknutrition, or call (609) 704-5769.


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