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Ram 1500 Limited Reigns in Over-the-Road Opulence

The Ram 1500 Limited is known for using some of the highest quality materials ever installed from the factory in a pickup. This year marks 10 years of the Limited Ram.

Quilted leather on the seats and doors, a suede headliner and genuine wood trim are all things you’d expect to find in a Mercedes-Benz or Rolls-Royce. But a pickup truck? That’s what the Ram 1500 Limited is all about as it celebrates 10 years of setting a high standard for quality materials inside a truck’s cabin.

If you think of trucks strictly as work vehicles, that may sound silly or even sacrilegious. For buyers who can afford a nice Mercedes but need or want the capability of a serious half-ton truck, though, this luxury pickup serves dual purposes.

On one side, it’s clearly built for work, despite the polished surfaces. The Limited 10th Anniversary Edition comes with adjustable tie-down hooks and a center-mounted step in the back of the bed, along with the power and towing capability that are inherent in a 5.6-liter V8 engine.

It also comes standard with a mild hybrid addition to the engine that boosts the power when needed. The eTorque technology helps gas mileage, too, with a not-too-bad rating of 23 mpg in highway driving, according to the federal government. Highway driving is where the second half of the Ram 1500 Limited shines.

The current generation Ram doesn’t just drive well for a truck. It drives well for any vehicle, period, including those with high price tags aimed at well-heeled buyers. It’s silky smooth over the road, with a cabin that feels as isolated and serene as a high-end Lexus. Cruising on the freeway, the Ram 1500 Limited calmly wafts everywhere it goes, achieving a placid state of automotive zen. Never mind the fact that it can tow up to 12,750 pounds.

Part of the Ram 1500’s serenity comes from a class-exclusive air suspension. Not only does it help deliver that squishy, responsive, oh-so-perfect ride, but it also can help with leveling heavy loads, raising the truck for off-road driving and lowering the truck for easier loading access. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Of course, the Limited isn’t the only Ram for sale this year. There are a whopping eight different models on the menu from the basic Tradesman to the thrilling Hellcat-powered TRX. When you consider there are 15 different paint colors, two bed lengths, two cabin layouts and a smattering of special editions—before you even get to the extensive option list—it’s no wonder that nearly every Ram 1500 you see on the road is different. It’s bespoke, another word more commonly used on a Rolls than a Ram.

Pricing starts at $60,175 for the Limited 10th Anniversary Edition with rear-wheel drive. Picking the 4x4 version brings the price closer to $65,000.


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