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Re/Max Community Williamstown recognized

Broker owners Rick Mauriello and Anthony Iovino of Re/Max Community, Williamstown. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Re/Max Community  Williamstown recently won the prestigious award of having the number one Re/Max office in New Jersey for the highest average transactions as announced on social media on February 10.

In spite of the adversity throughout the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners of the Re/Max office in Williamstown was thrilled to get the award from Re/Max. Rick Mauriello, one of the owners of Re/Max Community, and agent for the office, was proud and humbled about the achievement.

“We’re proud of the agents, you know, they’re the ones going out and selling. They’re following our brand and … we have a certain structure that we ask them to do, because we believe our structure works. It’s also humbling … to win it in a market like this, it’s humbling. It’s a proud moment,” Mauriello said.

The Re/Max Community office is individually owned, and has a system that seems to work for them. The company started small, and has grown into the top Re/Max office of New Jersey. Mauriello is proud of the agents that are a part of the community, and prefers a smaller office with a tight group of people.

“We’re individually owned, so each one of our offices is independently owned and ran in a way that we deemed fit … this is the second year in a row where we’ve reached that accolade, so it’s a testament to our agents … we teach classes, we’re very close knit, we’re smaller sized office with 40 agents, but we have three of the top five agents in the state of New Jersey … including the number one,” Mauriello said.

It helps by having some of the top few agents in the state of New Jersey at the Re/Max Community office, Mauriello said. Half of the agents in the office were rewarded for their performance this year by Re/Max, as they were a big part of achieving the award, Mauriello said.

“I feel that we’re a little bit of a mom pop kind of office, with a national brand … the people we bring in … the culture that we want. The culture that we want is we want everyone not only to get along, but we want everyone to push each other … We don’t want the biggest office, we want the office … we want the few, but the ones that really work hard towards their goal,” Mauriello said.

The small office allows for the community to strive for better results, with the best agents that fit into the culture. Mauriello emphasized that the agents work close together to become a better team as a whole, which allows the agents to learn from one another and reach their yearly goals.

“We want to make those agents better agents. We’re very close,” Mauriello said.

Not only did the Re/Max Community office win the award for the best Re/Max office in New Jersey, but it’s the office’s second time winning the award.

“Re/Max has a few awards they give out, and for the second year in a row we received an award basically we have the most sales per agent. We averaged approximately 30 sales per agent that we have. The average real estate agent sells anywhere from six to eight houses a year, our agents sell 30,” Mauriello said.

Mauriello said the Re/Max Community agents sell over double the amount that an average real estate agent sells in a year, further solidifying the office’s well-deserved award. For the future, Mauriello hopes they can keep their numbers, and still improve and build on the office daily.

“We were a startup company. We started it from square one, you know, on makeshift offices, makeshift desks … our fifth year we won the award and the sixth year … We want to keep moving forward and get a little better every day,” Mauriello said.

For more information, please visit or call Mauriello at (856) 318-2313.


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