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Reaching out to as many people as we can each day

As the holidays approach, so too do some of The Gazette’s biggest editions of the year. (THG/Kristin Guglietti)

As the holidays approach, so too do some of The Gazette’s biggest editions of the year. We’re looking forward to treating our readers to dynamic coverage of everything from news, local events, arts and entertainment, schools, civic organizations, churches, sports and much, much more.

We also have some amazing special supplements planned for November and December—a mixture of beloved traditions and innovative new sections.

Speaking of innovative new sections, Noticias was launched last week. This new two-page section—featuring articles from The Gazette reprinted in Spanish—made history as the largest weekly coverage in Spanish ever provided by a local newspaper in Hammonton. It’s a wonderful bridge between the Spanish and English-speaking communities that live together in town. Our Editor-in-Chief, Gina Rullo, was responsible for securing the grant from the New Jersey Civic Consortium that helped make the new section possible. Fiesta Mexicana is the sponsor of this new section.

Our website at has been completely revamped by our staff member Kristin Guglietti. It’s helped readers connect with the content on our website and share it more easily and to more people. In addition, more people are finding our content when they make searches. It’s put us in touch with people from throughout the nation and the world and expanded the reach of the newspaper online.

Readers and viewers enjoy our digital projects. Our Digital Edition provides people with an online facsimile of the entire newspaper, plus six digital-only pages. It’s available for $30 for the year or $1 a copy at

“Blueberry Skies” with staff writer Joseph F. Berenato has generated a following, with two short shows a week on Monday and Friday. It’s safe to say you’ll never know what Berenato may say—or do—before he gives you the weather “from the app on his smartphone.” The shows are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “Blueberry Skies” is sponsored by JH Antique Mall.

Gazette Sports Week” with Gazette Sports Editor Dan Russoman just celebrated its 400th episode. During the football season each fall, Dan teams up with local realtor Dave Birnbaum on Gazette High School Football Report.” Both shows are available at, and between our Sports section and these shows, there is no better place to find out everything that is happening in the world of Hammonton sports. “Gazette Sports Week” is sponsored by Adrenaline Fitness and “Gazette High School Football Report” is sponsored by Showcase Sports.

Gazette in Fashion” and Gazette News Briefs” are both available on YouTube. “Gazette In Fashion,” sponsored by Rejuvenation Day Spa, is a monthly show hosted by Franki Rudnesky that features commentary about the latest in fashion, interviews, outfits for each month and more. “Gazette News Briefs,” sponsored by Life Brokerage, is hosted by me and is a three-minute breakdown of the news of each week.

All these shows are available at any time online after they are posted. They have helped increase the reach of our newspaper, which has gone from a weekly print edition to a much larger weekly print edition augmented by shows and digital products that can be accessed 24/7, every day of the week.

It doesn’t cost anything to view the shows. All you need is internet access.

Advertising in the print edition, our website or any of the shows is easy. Our Lead Graphic Designer MarySusan Hoffman does an excellent job creating ads. We also build websites and can handle social media management for your business. Contact us at (609) 704-1940, or for more information about all forms of advertising.

The Gazette also has its own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When you see a photo in the newspaper you like, contact us. We can sell you a photo reprint.

The print newspaper costs seventy-five cents a copy on newsstands, $25 for an in-state subscription and $30 for an out-of-state subscription. We mail the newspaper to all 50 states. It makes a great gift!

Lastly, if you need a menu, T-shirt, mug or anything printed, contact Gazette Print Shop, our print shop division, at (609) 704-1940 or We call this division GPS—and we can help you find your marketing direction. Go to and view thousands of items we have available for you, your business, your church, your sports team or your civic group.

As you can see, we are here to serve the needs of all our customers. Our staff is committed to making sure they are happy—the people we cover, the readers, the viewers, in print or online, day or night, every day of the week.

The Gazette is here for you, and ready to help.

Gabe Donio is the publisher of The Hammonton Gazette.


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