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Readers: More things that aren’t there anymore

A scene from the Hammonton Centennial Parade on Bellevue Avenue in 1966. (Photo Courtesy of Arleen (Mauri) Pajic)

Thank you to all the readers who responded to my request for more Hammonton things that aren’t there anymore in last week’s column. It’s been fun to see some of the names from the past—and to put those names back in print, in some cases for the first time in decades, in this week’s column.

Reader Chick DeCicco contacted The Gazette and said he and his friends often play the game of naming what stores, restaurants, offices and more used to be in the local downtown buildings of the 1960s and 1970s.

Hammonton Fire Chief Sean Macri added this list: “Jamesway [White Horse Pike] (WHP), Parkhurst Farm and Garden Supply [WHP], Elbo Club [Railroad Ave.], Ideal Bakery [Third St.], Archie Daub’s (Scola’s Bar) [S. Egg Harbor Rd.] (EHR) and Burger Chef [WHP].”

Joseph Capoferri dropped off a long list of names that included Grant’s [WHP], Kern’s Drug Store [Bellevue] and Cashan Agency [WHP] to our offices last week.

In some cases, people sent in stories about the places that aren’t there anymore. One of the most iconic locations was Ideal Manufacturing, which sold dresses (particularly prom dresses) for decades from its store on the White Horse Pike (Route 30) at the intersection of the White Horse Pike and Old Forks Road (Cemetery Avenue for people who like names that aren’t there anymore). Reader Cheryl Peters emailed this memory of Ideal to The Gazette last week:

“How can we not forget the famous ideal clothing store!   Whenever my mother needed a professional dress for a social function we were off in our ‘66 ford galaxie to ideal!!!  As a young girl, my dad and I sat near the Coke bottle machine drinking a bottled coke as we waited for my mother to try on and model her choice of dresses.   When I entered high school and needed prom dresses it was the first place to look for gowns.  So when my daughter was looking for wedding gowns it was the first place to go!  The fitting rooms remained the same throughout the years with thin painted white walls and drapery to close for privacy in your own little booth.  Of course we can’t forget the big 3 sided mirror outside of the dressing room for the entire store to offer opinions about how your clothing fit! Ahhh. 66 years later and the Coke machine at Ideals is a memory associated with my parents I loved,” Peters wrote in an email.

We can also thank reader John DeLucca’s encyclopedic memory for the following list of things that aren’t there anymore in Hammonton (DeLucca pointed out that his family name used to be spelled “DeLuca”—but that spelling of the name’s another “Hammonton thing that isn’t there anymore,” at least in his branch of the family.)

Here is DeLucca’s list of other Hammonton places that aren’t there anymore, straight from his memory to you:

“I know of a few places......Richie’s Army Navy Store [corner of S. EHR and Bellevue Ave.], Scola’s Bar [S. EHR], The Taxi Lot (Eight Taxis) [S. EHR], Hearing’s Hardware [Bellevue], JJ Newberry’s [Bellevue], Miller’s Dept Store [Bellevue], Mark Press Clothing Store [Bellevue], Dan’s Stationery [Bellevue]. Joe Heck’s Bar [Hammonton Hotel] [S. EHR and Vine St.], K&H Auto [Bellevue], Parisi’s Pizza [Bellevue], McDonald’s Watch Shop [Bellevue], Sherwin-Williams Paint Store [Bellevue], Jo-Ann Malt Shop [Bellevue and Horton], Penza’s Hardware [Central Ave.], NJ Bell Telephone Office [12th Street], Atlantic City Electric Office [Bellevue]. Mobil Gas Station [Rivoli Gas Station] [Bellevue and Third], Perna’s Gas Station [12th St.], Ralph’s Barber Shop [Central], Olivo’s Grocery Store [Central], Rexall Drug Store [N. EHR and Bellevue], Monastra’s Food Store [Bellevue], Frank’s Diner [Railroad Ave.], DeLuca Tavern [Front St.], Scaffidi Auto Store [12th], Tosto’s Candy Store [Third], Celona Gas Station [12th St.], Doc’s Sunoco [S. EHR and Vine St.], O’Donnell House [S. EHR], Mazzagatti’s Deli [Third], Sacco’s Deli [13th St.], The Moose Lodge [S. EHR], Willingmyre’s Florist [First Rd.], Merlino Dry Cleaning [N. EHR], Lillian’s Hair Salon [N. EHR], Sears-Roebuck Store [Bellevue], Dr. Streitfeld Eye Exam Office [Bellevue and Central], Pete’s Candy Store [Third], Vuotto’s Jewelry Shop [Third], Square Deal Farm Market [WHP], Chateau Bilaz [WHP], Moe’s Market [WHP], Brita Bros. Shoes [Bellevue], DiPaolo Clothes [WHP], Shorty’s Bar [Railroad], Cumberland Farms [Railroad], Orchard Café [S. EHR and Orchard St.], Deer Park Baking Company [S. EHR], Archway Cookies [13th Street] Twin Boys Farm Market [WHP], Parkhurst Farm & Garden [WHP], Marinelli’s Gas Station [Railroad], Rivoli Movie Theater [Bellevue and Third St.], Abbott’s Dairy (Home Delivery) [Bellevue], Lillian On The Lake Banquet Hall [WHP], Albano’s Esso Station [Pleasant Mills Rd. and WHP], The Hacienda Bar [WHP] and Route 206), Penza’s Esso/Exxon Gas Station [Middle Rd. and WHP], Romolo DeSantis Factory [Third and Pleasant] , JD’s Liquors (WHP), Parisi Motors [S. EHR], Austin Perone’s Gas Station [Central and Vine], Russ Pinnozotto Accordian Studio [Central Avenue], Ralph Pace’s Barber Shop [Central], Mancuso Jewelers [Central], Ford Motor Co [Dual Motor Sales] [WHP], Adirzone Motors [WHP], Nick Petruzzi Dodge Auto Dealership [Parkway Motors] [S. HER, later WHP], Greco’s Diner [Route 206], Policastro Fuel Delivery [Octagon Oil] [WHP], Liberty Fuel Delivery [WHP], Ideal Manufacturing Clothes [WHP and Old Forks Road (Cemetery Ave.)], Hot Point Washer/Dryer Store [Bellevue], Love Jewelers [Bellevue, later WHP], Frank Rubba Furniture (with its ‘6 floors of Furniture’ sign) [Bellevue], Cenio’s Candy Store [Vine], Scaffidi’s Diner [WHP], Midway Diner [WHP], Morgan’s Esso Station [WHP], Dairy Queen [WHP], Spado’s Citgo Station [WHP], Jamesway [WHP], Super Fresh [WHP], Toni’s Custard [12th St.], Thrift Drug [WHP], The Haven [Central], Augie’s Sub Shop [Bellevue Ave., later Augie’s Country House on WHP], The A&P Food Store [Bellevue, later WHP], Acme Food Store [Bellevue, later WHP], and the Super Saver Food Store [Bellevue],” DeLuca wrote in an email.

Thanks to the excellent memories of DeCicco, Peters and DeLuca and everyone else who is sending in their memories of things that aren’t there anymore, a lot of the history of the town is being brought back to life, if only for a couple of weeks.

We will post additional places on under this column.

Hammonton is a town that loves its history. For more information, visit the Historical Society of Hammonton website at or the Historical Society Museum at 333 Vine Street (School House Lane) or the Atlantic County Library System’s newspaper archives (more than 5,000 newspapers from Atlantic County online, dating from 1860 to 1923) at or visit the Hammonton Branch of the Atlantic County Library.

Gabriel J. Donio is the publisher of The Hammonton Gazette.

More Hammonton “Things That Aren’t There Anymore” from Gazette readers

Joe Boy Berenato

W.E. Crane Lumber

Trina’s Third Street Deli

Celona Pontiac

Vince Gazzara’s Garage [Third and Fairview]

Joe Boy’s Custard [Third and Fairview]

Ralph Porter Body Shop (and later, {Petteti’s Body Shop) [S. Egg Harbor Rd.]

Wawa [S. EHR]

Sound Town Audio [12th St.]

Paper route store at John Scola’s garage where all kids picked up their papers to do their afternoon delivery

Palma Clothing Factory [Messina Ave.]

Movie’s To Go [12th St.]

Henry’s Shoes [12th St.]

Dick Ruberton Insurance (now Marcello’s) [Bellevue at Horton] Berenato added: [The siren downtown whenever police had a call WOW we lived on top of Ruberton Insurance which is now Marcello’s and it used to hurt our ears at times it would get stuck on.”

Kayo Gas Station [12th St. and Chew Rd.]

John Scola’s Gas Station (later Pit Stop; now West Side Liquors) [12th St. and Chew Rd.]

Lucci’s Hair Salon

Joseph Capoferri

Press Dept. Store [Bellevue]

Miller’s Dept. Store [Bellevue]

Kern’s Drugs [Bellevue]

Myers—Sinclair Gas

DeMarco’s Arco

Carmen’s Barber Shop [N. Second St.]

Octagon Oil [WHP]

Scaffidi’s Diner [WHP]

Brita Brothers Shoes [Bellevue]

John Celona [12th St.]

Rivoli Gas Station [Bellevue]

Tony’s Tickets [WHP]

Dan’s Stationery [Bellevue]

Carmen Lisa (barber) [S. Second St.]

Hammonton Medical Lab.

St Martin de Porres RC Church [S. EHR]

Ranere Chevrolet [Bellevue, later WHP]

Parisi Motors [S. EHR]

Boardwalk Bank [Bellevue]

Midway Diner [WHP]

Dual Motors [WHP]

Baldi Brothers (barbers)

K & H Auto Stores [Bellevue]

Acme [Bellevue, later WHP]

A & P [Bellevue, later WHP]

Grant’s Dept. Store [WHP]

Lewellen’s Florist [WHP]

Chelsea Title (Ann Bruno)

Mazza Furniture Store [12th St.]

Donio, Bertman & Donio (law firm) [WHP]

Cashan Agency Insurance [WHP]

MaryAnn Domenico

“I have one for the list: Domenico’s General Electric Appliances, 126 Bellevue Ave. next door to Press’s. It was owned by my Great Uncle Tony (Snapper) Domenico. Not sure of the date but he later moved the business to 617 N. Egg Harbor Rd. and operated there until Dec. 1982 when he passed. It was interesting to look back and reminisce.”

Peggy (Porter) Ingemi

Porter’s Body Shop [S. EHR]

Carol Kennish

Messina-Zane Cut Glass [11th Street]

Joanne Mathes

The Sweet Shoppe

Ann’s Dress Shop

LeeAnn Monzo

Jacobs Business Supply Store [Bellevue]

Lakeside Liquors [WHP]

Malinsky’s [Bellevue]

Other suggestions

William B. Kessler Inc. [Tilton St.]

William B. Kessler Memorial Hospital [WHP and Central Ave.]

Hammerheads (also Howard Johnson’s and later Mama Maria’s) WHP

Superfresh [WHP]

Thrift Drug [WHP]

Hammonton Ford and Hammonton Jeep Chrysler [WHP]

Silver Fox [WHP in the Elm section of Winslow Twp.]

Johnston’s Greenhouses [S. EHR]

Fairview Florist [Fairview Ave.]

John’s Bargain Store [Bellevue Ave. and N. EHR]

Sgro & Hill (law firm) [12th St.]

Hammonton Building Material Co. [N. EHR]

Scordo’s Auto Repair [N. EHR]

Eastern Brewing Co. [Railroad Ave.]

Prasch Funeral Home (later Warriner’s Florist) [Twelfth and Washington Sts.]

James J. Angello Insurance and Real Estate [Central Ave.]

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church [Peach St. and Central Ave.]

Highway Transportation [Tilton St.]

A.R. DeMarco Trucking [Packard St.]

Rollway Skating Rink [Second Rd.]

Guadiano’s Tailors [N. EHR]

South Jersey Laundry [S. EHR]

Dynasty Kitchen [WHP]

The Dairy Lunch [Bellevue and Central Aves.]

Isola D’Oro Pizzeria [Bellevue]

Santomas Barber Shop [Railroad Ave.]

Illusive Images [12th St. and Railroad Ave.]

John Arena’s Barber Shop [Third St.]

Crowley Travel [Third and Vine Sts.; later WHP]

Pete’s Market [WHP]

DiLeo’s Restaurant [Rt. 206]

Godfrey’s Drug Store [Bellevue Ave. and S. EHR]


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