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Relax and socialize at Infinity Salon & Boutique

Infinity Salon and Boutique owner Alyssa Vega. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Infinity Salon and Boutique can be found on the White Horse Pike in Peach Tree Plaza and is a perfect place to freshen up your look. The salon is owned by Alyssa Vega, who worked at the salon previously as an employee. She now owns the salon and boutique, striving to create a friendly environment for the community.

“I was a hairdresser only a couple years before I started the business, and I ended up here as an employee. From there, the owner didn’t want to really own the business anymore; she just wanted to work, and so I bought it from her. She’s still here nine years later,” Vega said.

The salon and boutique offer many different types of treatments, ranging from haircuts to even tans.

“We’re a full-service salon, anything with hair, from color, haircuts, to Brazilian treatments … we also offer waxing and spray tans,” Vega said.

Infinity Salon offers great services, but they were faced with adversity when COVID-19 forced the business to shut down for three months.

“It’s been really tough for us with COVID, we took a huge pay cut when we were forced to shut down, we had no pay really … when we opened back up we were limited to what we were allowed to do so they kind of put restrictions on us that were impossible for us to keep our salaries. We were only allowed to do one person at a time. There could only be so many people in the salon, so the shifts were different … I was only allowed to have one person for three hours, which that cuts your time down a lot. You’re significantly cutting your pay and you know people are scared. Most aren’t thankfully … I think things are finally starting to break and get back to normal, but it’s been very, very hard for us as hairdressers to keep our lifestyle that we had … there’s light at the end of the tunnel and I think we’re there now,” Vega said.

The future looks bright for the salon, as the community has started to head back to their normal routines, including routine haircuts and treatments. The salon also offers a place for people to talk and socialize while treatments take place.

“People are excited to get out; people are excited to start feeling good about themselves again, you know changing new things, and actually coming in here and realizing that … people are definitely excited to talk to people again, like sitting next to someone who you didn’t know would be here but … they know each other from wherever … they start talking and then you can put them both under the dryer together … and it’s back to the way it was,” Vega said.

The salon offers a social atmosphere for customers, which allows for a friendly and cozy environment where people feel comfortable. The salon not only offers a comfortable environment for customers, but also for the employees.

“Being able to take care of my girls and give them … a solid place to make their career out of … they’re getting a high commission on what they do, and I just like being able to do that for them … I enjoy that … just making this a place where people feel secure in their career and that you know we’ll always be here,” Vega said.

Creating support for not only their customers, but also their employees, Infinity Salon and Boutique allows for a comfortable and safe environment for anyone looking for a haircut, or maybe a wax or a tan.

To make an appointment, call (609) 567-5922 or stop in the salon at 80 S. White Horse Pike. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @_infinitysalon_


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