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Running for New Jersey General Assembly

Anthony Angelozzi

courtesy photo - Anthony Angelozzi

I will never forget the day that I received my student teaching placement from Rutgers University in 2008: Hammonton High School. As a lifelong resident of Atlantic County, I was ecstatic to start my journey as a teacher so close to my home. At the time of my student teaching placement, little did I know that I would become a full-time teacher in Hammonton, meet the love of my life, Tracy, who also teaches in the district and relocate my family to Hammonton to raise our children.

My parents both worked the night shift in the casino gaming industry in Atlantic City. I know what it’s like to grow up middle class and saw firsthand the damage caused by cutbacks in the casino workforce once gaming spread outside New Jersey. During college, I worked as a casino dealer myself to help pay for school. I was a commuter student to save money, and I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

I always looked for mentors when I was a student. My teachers, coaches and professors were my heroes. Because of that, I decided to become a social studies teacher. My educational career has been successful in Hammonton, as I have been able to help to mentor and instruct thousands of young adults over the last 16 years.

This year, I made the decision to run for the New Jersey General Assembly. I firmly believe that my background, credentials and life experiences make me an ideal candidate to be a state lawmaker. Trenton is filled with career politicians, and I am a fresh face. Too many elected officials are wealthy and out of touch, and I am a middle class educator. Lastly, too many elected officials are corrupt and have secret agendas. My only agenda is to make New Jersey more affordable, improve our already great public schools for students, staff and parents, make college and career training more attainable, and create a business climate where my students can make a good living once they graduate.

One role I am especially proud of is my position as the President of the Hammonton Education Association, which is the union that represents the 400 professional and support staff members in the Hammonton School District. My job is to make sure that school employees are compensated fairly, have safe working conditions, and have a voice in the workplace.

Being a union president has taught me the value of compromise and has given me the ability to collaborate with the Board of Education and school administration to find solutions to problems in the school district. Additionally, the Hammonton Education Association spends tens of thousands of dollars every year to pay for popular community events such as the High School Trick or Treat, Reading Night, Veterans Day Celebration and Bilingual Parent Advisory meetings. I am a union man through and through. I believe that belonging to a union is the best path to earning a living wage. I will always protect the right of workers to join a union and make sure collective bargaining rights are upheld.

There is a lot of work to do in New Jersey. I know this because I have personally knocked on the doors of 4,500 people to discover the top priorities of voters in New Jersey’s 8th Legislative District. Every person has a story to tell. Every conversation has meaning. Voters want lower taxes, safe streets, accessible healthcare, high performing schools, affordable college and career training, and economic development. I pledge to be more than just a lawmaker. As a public servant, I will be actively involved in community service and will be in constant contact with the people to make sure that I understand their needs. I look forward to your support in the upcoming election.

Anthony Angelozzi has taught in the Hammonton School District for 16 years as a social studies teacher at Hammonton High School. Angelozzi is the president of the Hammonton Education Association and is running for a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly, District 8.


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