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Same great hair, new salon experience

Jennifer Bill stands next to hair products sold at her salon, Rebel Studio Salon. (Courtesy Photo)

Jennifer Bill has been in the salon business for quite some time, but never had her own place. Now with the Salon Suites at 900 12th Street in Hammonton, Bill has jumped on the opportunity to get started. Rebel Studio Salon opened in mid-May and Bill has made steps towards an independent and innovative salon experience. The salon is located in the Simply Salon Suites with a corner suite. Bill explained she wanted the location of the corner because it was the only suite in the building with two windows. She liked the light that the windows offered, as well as the views of North Second Road, and 12th Street.

The suite is small, but allows for around three people to sit comfortably. The environment is small due to the nature of the salon, with Bill explaining that it offers a privacy that regular salons cannot. However, salon culture is still present in the suites, with different businesses collaborating with one another.

“We’re already exchanging ideas,” Bill explained.

The Simply Salon Suites offers many different services, but Bill’s name speaks for itself. The Rebel Studio Salon may be a new addition to the town, but Bill is no stranger to hair. Having 10 years of experience, and clients before the business, Bill created a following with her passion for hair.

“I’m the same, and they like that. They have that comfort there and they know what they’re getting when it comes to their hair ... but now we’re doing all this other fun stuff. They’re giving me ideas,” Bill said.

With the new space, Bill has been getting ideas left and right about the business. She explained to The Gazette that the learning process is one of the most enjoyable parts of owning the space.

“Education is what I value most, so this is a big deal. I have to learn a lot. For me, it’s information absorption, and I had the benefit of three months before this, where I really focused on building it and I learned a lot. It’s really the new journey, jumping on the learning part of it that excites me the most,” Bill said.

Bill explained she enjoyed every part of the process of getting the business up and running, from how to make a website, to the accounting for the business. She even had to make the logo for the business, saying that it was a learning process to get to where she is now. She also explained that the help she has gotten from her family, friends and community has been tremendous. Offering a variety of special services for hair, Rebel Studio Salon focuses on giving the best treatment around. With hair cutting, styling, or even highlighting, Rebel Studio Salon offers a plethora of services for hair. Bill enjoys doing hair, and said that she wanted to make a name for the brand while also being involved in the process.

“I want to be involved in every aspect, when I set out to do this I didn’t want to just be a hairdresser who wanted to make enough money to live and work on her own. I wanted Rebel to be a brand. I want Rebel to represent itself in the community,” Bill said.

The salon is currently taking appointments online, and shows how long the process will take. To schedule an appointment, head to Rebel Studio Salon’s booking website, call or text (856) 264-1585 or log on to Facebook or Instagram for more information.


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