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Say no to mandates

Latham Tiver

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There’s a lot of things to worry about in this world, but when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard to worry about anything but money.

Unfortunately, New Jersey makes that easy. Between property taxes, income taxes and high cost of living, residents here don’t really get a break. We understand that this is an amazing state with beaches, mountains and mouth-watering food, but every now and then, we’d like a little relief.

That’s why Governor Phil Murphy’s Energy Master Plan is downright soul crushing.

The Governor, along with Trenton Democrats, have been mobilizing the Energy Master Plan as of late. Guidance has come down from departments like the Board of Public Utilities and Environmental Protection on when to ban all gas products. They’re starting with mandates on only electric appliances in new buildings and then plan to turn to manufacturers, making sure all your favorite appliances and tools are off the shelves. No more gas lawnmower at Home Depot or V8 powered F150 at your local dealer.

New Jersey is slated to ban all sales of gas cars by 2035, but every year, they try to move up the timeline. Ignore how much more it costs to purchase an electric car or how many taxpayer dollars we would need to build the infrastructure required to turn our entire grid electric.

You know what I’d rather see? No more private flights to your villa in Italy or fundraisers in the Hamptons, Governor. While you’re wagging your finger at us over the trucks we drive, you and the green energy crowd are getting on your private jets and helicopters across the globe. Studies show that a flight on a private jet emits between 10-20 times as much carbon emissions as a commercial flight.

While they say they’re serious about change, they’re just not serious enough to inconvenience themselves.

It’s the classic, aristocrat style of the current Democratic party. Rules for thee but not for me. It’s like California Governor Gavin Newsom closing indoor dining only to be caught out with a group of friends at a restaurant. Sure, let’s impose rules on the working class because we know what’s best for them. But the ruling class’s existence is too important to mandate.

The funny thing is the answer to our energy problems is right in front of the Democrat’s faces. After all, it is their favorite word. What we need is diversity. No mandates. No bans. Just options.

Energy diversity would create competition, which in turn would lower prices. It would also enhance the reliability of our grid if one power source should fail. I’m not admonishing electric or solar. I’m saying we should not be so laser focused on it.

Let’s not only encourage renewables, but gas and nuclear too. After all, nuclear makes up an astounding 98 percent of “green energy” in New Jersey. We need it all to power a grid. If we write off gas as energy of the past, we’ll be entering into a world of rolling blackouts and sky-high utility costs.

Next time you’re in Lowes looking for a new gas stove for your kitchen, just remember, if our current Democrat leadership gets its way, you’ll be looking for quite a long time because it won’t exist.

Tell Trenton “NO mandates,” this November. Vote Republican.

Latham Tiver is a former Southampton Township Committeeman and Burlington County Commissioner. Tiver is running for election in the New Jersey State Senate, representing District 8.


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