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See The Addams Family at HHS

Courtesy Photos Above: The cast of The Addams Family pose for a picture. Below Ava Santiago and JR Edel Star as Morticia and Gomez Addams.

HAMMONTON—The Addams Family will be performing on March 14-16 at 7 p.m. at the Hammonton High School Performing Arts Center.

A new musical comedy, The Addams Family will be a fun show for all ages, Marissa Carrafiello-Rodio, the musical’s director, said.

“There’s a lot of comedy and there are some tear-jerker moments, but it’s a really great show. And I think everybody will have fun coming out to see it,” Carrafiello-Rodio said.

The Addams family known for being strange and weird will be meeting Wednesday Addams fiancé’s family who are normal in comparison. Lucas Beineke, Wednesday’s love interest, and his family are from Ohio and will be flying into New York City to meet the Addams family.

“They’re flying in from Ohio to Central Park, New York to meet Wednesday’s family, and as we know the Addams are not—they’re a little outlandish and different from everyone else, so it’s basically the two families colliding. You have the nice normal folk from Ohio coming in and meeting the crazy Addams family in New York City,” Carrafiello-Rodio said.

One of the director’s favorite scenes is during the end of the first act where there will be a musical number called “Full Disclosure.”

“The musical number is called ‘Full Disclosure’ where they are sitting down for a big family dinner and they decide to play a game, and the game involves drinking out of the sacred chalice, and they drink out of this chalice and when they drink out of this chalice, they tell the truth. And if they don’t, then there are consequences,” Carrafiello-Rodio said.

When it comes to costumes, the outfits will resemble the characters from the TV show and films such as Morticia Addams who wears a long black gown, Wednesday Addams who wears a black pixie dress with a white collar and Uncle Fester who wears a long trench coat.

Several of the cast will be playing as the ancestors of the Addams family who play as ghosts.

“The rest of the ensemble are called the ancestors and they’re actually ghosts that visit the Addams once a year, but Uncle Fester locks them out of the crypt so they can’t go back, so they become part of the storyline,” Carrafiello-Rodio said.

For the ancestors, their costumes will be from different eras in time and history with the colors of the garments being white, grey and ghost-like.

Thing, a helpful disembodied hand, will also make an appearance.

According to Carrafiello-Rodio, the entire cast of students are having a lot of fun working on the musical.

“They love it. I have an extremely, really great group of kids this year. They are all working so well together. They’re having a lot of fun,” Carrafiello-Rodio said.

Tickets for The Addams Family are $15. It is reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased online at or tickets can be purchased at the door day-of-show.


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