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Shop historical items at Antiques Trading Post

THG/Mohammed Fuad. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. James Burnisky’s (pictured) Antiques Trading Post offers an eclectic collection of vintage historical and well-made craftsman items.

A new antiques store is now open in downtown Hammonton called Antiques Trading Post.

Hammonton resident and store owner James Burnisky had a previous location in Barnegat, N.J. and now has moved the location to Hammonton to be close to home. Assisted by his right-hand man Matthew Berges, the store is tailored to today’s market that features an eclectic collection of vintage historical items, well-made craftsman items while adding a technology aspect to help gauge interest from younger audiences.

“We’re trying to add a touch of modern technology aspect of things to reach audiences that wouldn’t normally be interested in antiques or perhaps to stimulate the growth or idea that antiques are a thing that is very rare today. I think the younger generation is so used to walking into a place like Target or Walmart whereas we have very unique items but we also do it with a different style,” Berges said.

Both Burnisky and Berges try to make the shopping experience lighter, more fun and interesting as they try to stand out by making social media posts to help appeal to the younger generation.

“Everybody comes in and they’re like ‘wow’ because it’s a whole different feel than the typical antique shop. We try to encompass modern social media aspects and some of the technology with QR codes, maybe attached to video history. It’s bringing antiques to today’s market and it seems to be appealing to the younger generations. We like a light and fun environment and we have a lot of interesting things,” Burnisky said.

Burnisky describes it as a “museum that you can touch things and bring home with you” that you can be amazed when you walk in. Berges recalled an experience where a younger gentleman came into the store and the praise that the gentleman gave to both Burnisky and Berges brought a smile to both of their faces.

“Jim and I were just really being ourselves and we like to have a lot of fun and a younger kid came in and was looking at a few things and he goes ‘wow, you guys are really awesome, like you’re really fun.’ Hearing that brought a smile to Jim and I’s faces,” Berges said.

The antique items being sold are found from different shops that Burnisky visits around the state as well as traveling around different places from vacations and other occasions. The store is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Those are the days that Burnisky uses to travel within the state, particularly the Jersey Shore and South Jersey areas, to search for items.

Usually once or several times a month, Burnisky travels long distances for the same purpose as well as having local people bringing them items.

“We do the north run three or four times a year, that’s where we go all the way up to Canada and back down again on a picking trip. Last year, we headed out west a few times, we went south, so we travel all over looking for unique items. We also have people that are local that know that we’re a good place that appreciates quality items and antiques so people that are local will bring us stuff,” Burnisky said.

Both Burnisky and Berges love the support that they’ve received in Hammonton since the store’s opening last month as well as being a part of the antiques demographic that the town has, with Berges describing the atmosphere as positive and having a great energy and vibe.

“We couldn’t ask for a better town in New Jersey to do what we do. We have so many great neighbors, some really nice antique shops, craft shops and small businesses on this main stretch. The town of Hammonton itself does a phenomenal job with their Main Street initiatives, the people we have in Hammonton really want this Main Street to thrive and it’s working. We have a destination here in Hammonton,” Burnisky said.

Antiques Trading Post is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the store being closed on Monday and Tuesday. It is located on 111 12th Street, next to Mazza’s Antique Marketplace. You can check out their website at and on social media @antiquestradingpost on Instagram and Antiques Trading Post on Facebook.


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