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Smiles when I think about Olympic curling win

Did you watch any of the Olympics last month? My husband and I watched bits and pieces.

Back in the day, I would watch every speed skating and figure skating event. I loved the choreography, music and performances. It was a magical dream time for the sport.

It has been tarnished in recent decades and somehow the romance of the sport has been diminished in my eyes.

In recent years, I have found the movements of curling to be soothing and interesting.

I don’t understand anything about the rules but I love the whole game. The sweeping, the studying, the shuffling and the strategy.

My husband watched the event with rapt attention this year. He called me in when Italy was competing for medals in the Mixed Doubles.

Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosane won gold in the Mixed Doubles in Beijing last month.

Constantini was so loud. She was always offering what I assumed was advice and support and, I am sure some criticism.

My husband joked that of course the woman was yelling at the man. I joked back that he probably deserved it.

And we smiled at each other knowingly. For me watching Italy take gold in curling was the highlight of my 2022 Olympic experience.

I then began to wonder what types of sports my Italian relatives enjoy? Obviously, football (soccer), bocce and aquatic sports. So I Googled as a woman of 2022 would be inclined to do.

There is “Morra” which we call “Fingers.”

And I also discovered some fun old-school Italian games, like Ruzzola.

According to, “​The Italian word ‘ruzzalore’ means ‘to roll’ and it is from this verb that the name of the game ‘ruzzalo’ derives. The basic concept of the game is for people to throw a round object as far as they can and the winner is the person who throws the object the furthest. To make the game more complicated, it is often played on steep terrain with the players hurling the object upwards.”

And for all lovers of tennis and pickleball there is Tamburello.

Again from, “This is an unusual ball game that is only played in Italy. It is similar to tennis. However, instead of playing with a racquet, the players hit the ball with a tambourine.”

I think we need to bring these games to one of our town events. Who wants to be the games master for Hammonton?

Can you imagine our own Olympic games where players competed in Morra, Ruzzola, Tamburello and, of course, bocce. I’m game, if you are.

Do you have a story about growing up Italian, either in Hammonton or anywhere else? Send it to


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