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‘Snow’ much fun

The snow storm on January 3 dropped about five inches of fluffy white snow in town. People of all ages and dogs of all breeds had fun.

Left: Rosie and Brooks Carini; Right: Grayson Cavalucci. (Courtesy Photos)

Left: The Wuillermin boys; Center: Travis Cavalucci; Right: Selena and Michael Lyons. (Courtesy Photos)

Left: Aengus Wuillermin; Center: RJ Durham; Right: Reese, Kent and Fawn Herrmann. (Courtesy Photos)

Many enjoyed the snow last week around town. Left: Santana and Vienna Vega; Center: AJ and Gabriella Polito; Right: Brayden Attard. (Courtesy Photos)

Left: The Polito dogs; Center: Charlotte and Leah Cundiff; Right: Chase Fichetola. (Courtesy Photos)

Left: Cali and Lexi Rubba; Center: Debbie Haughey’s beachy snowlady; Right: Liam and Colton Castone. (Courtesy Photos)

Left: Jaiden and Casey Seitles surprised their mom, Lisa, with building an igloo during last week’s snow; Center: Phoebe and Cooper Cortellessa; Right: Eleanor, 6, and Caroline Fallon, 9, making snow cones. (Courtesy Photos)


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