• Gina Rullo

Sorting out feelings about a number of different topics

There is so much noise surrounding all of these situations and finding reliable information is becoming more difficult each week. (Courtesy Photo)

I think we all have a lot of feelings going on right now.

Covid-19 Delta Variant.


Escalating crime in Philly and elsewhere.



Mask mandate for schools.

Inflation concerns.

Governor election.

Municipal elections.

School board elections.

And our own personal problems and situations.

And it can be overwhelming.

There is so much noise surrounding all of these situations and finding reliable information is becoming more difficult each week.

I rarely watch television news aside from Fox 29’s Good Morning Philadelphia. I tend to read online newspapers to learn about the happenings in the world.

News articles are often more clinical in their writing and opinions are left out aside from those columns and editorials found in the opinion sections.

It’s the same with The Gazette. Our news section is written with detachment and we work hard to make sure each article is an account of what happened and not how we feel about what happened.

I was recently criticized for my emails. I was told they lack warmth and seemed impersonal.

Well, that is how I write. And sometimes writing this opinion column I struggle to find a personal voice.

Overcoming instinct is a difficult thing.

The other night I was speaking with an occasional friend and I was concerned that I said too much about a topic. And that made me think: Why am I so concerned?  The conversation is not a news broadcast and I was entitled to express an opinion.

It is only those things that I care deeply about that I am never at a loss for words or an opinion.

Usually, I stay in the middle, trying not to say too much.

Here are a few opinions.

The Delta Variant and all the upcoming stronger variants are a bit scary.  And the television news media makes it worse.

America’s time in Afghanistan has not been a waste. I will not dismiss the lives of American soldiers who died there so glibly. I will write this: Afghanistan doesn’t seem to have known long periods of peace.

Crime rates are scary too. We need a better plan. What is being done now doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t know the fix but something has to be done.  Maybe a law enforcement expert can weigh in on this.

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo is a disgrace. Enough on him.

ISIS-K is going to be a problem for a while.

Mask mandates in schools.  Ugh.  It’s such a complicated issue.  I hate seeing kids in masks.  I hate seeing people in hospitals. I don’t like infringement of rights and I don’t like putting people in harm’s way. It is too nuanced for one paragraph.

Inflation is real. According to MarketWatch.com, “The rate of inflation in the 12 months ended in July edged up to 4.2 percent from 4 percent — the highest rate since the first Gulf War in 1991.”

Well, my feelings about Governor Murphy are not exactly a mystery. He had four years and yes 20 months of it has been under extremely difficult circumstances. I would like to see a change. I feel there were too many nursing home deaths last year.

Municipal, county and school board elections are essential for your every day life. Trash collection, local recreation, property taxes, road maintenance, school quality are what impacts you the most. Read the articles in the newspapers about the candidates.  See if they duck any or all questions. Ask yourself who is the best fit for each of these roles. Check for ulterior motives. Ask yourself if you would trust them with your savings or the care of your loved ones.

And please vote. It is so imperative for each eligible adult to cast a legal vote. Do not let someone else complete your mail-in ballot. Do your own work.

That is all can be done.

As for personal problems?  Well, we all have them, don’t we? They vary for each of us and it’s boring to write about them.

What may be a mountain to me, may be a molehill for you. I think that is one of the best perspectives we can hold onto as we traverse life.

Also, we never know what burdens another person is carrying.

We have all suffered in one way or another since February 2020.

So when does it get better?

I don’t know.  There doesn’t seem to be a magic pill.  

We should each grab moments of peace and happiness whenever we can because we don’t know when things will turn again.

Sorry if this seems a little glum. But it has been a rough couple of weeks.

I hope you have a good autumn.

Gina Rullo is the editor-in-chief of The Hammonton Gazette.