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Split-level home on Pleasant Mills Road

Right down Boyer Avenue in Hammonton sits a home at 223 Pleasant Mills Road. The exterior of this split-level home features a stone frontage to give a classic look. Not only is this 2,202 square foot home large enough to fit a big family, it comes with a front yard and backyard big enough to play a game of football or baseball, as it is built on 1.65 acres.

With a garage attached to the home as well as an outdoor carport in the backyard, the perks of having a huge front yard comes with a long driveway to fit multiple cars. The backyard also comes with two sheds. A large pole barn also sits behind the property. Right by the outdoor carport sits a massive enclosed porch or sunroom.

The house comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. All bedrooms come with a sliding door closet while the master bedroom also has a ceiling fan. All bedrooms are located on the upper level of the home as well as a main bathroom. The main bathroom comes with a closet, which offers additional storage space, so if there is no room in any of the closets available, look no further.

The living room has an ample amount of space as well as a big and wide window to look outside the neighborhood. Entering the living room from the front door features a small brick porch, adding to the uniqueness of this home. Connected to the living room is the kitchen, which comes with a stove, fridge and dishwasher as well as a granite countertop. The kitchen shows a wall full of storage cabinets so that you have plenty of space to place all of your kitchenware and small appliances.

Right off the main living room features a large screened-in deck and porch. If you need space to get work done or to use as a getaway from any outside distractions, the deck is perfect for an office or small den.

Inside the deck includes a small fireplace, which is useful to create a relaxing atmosphere and a perfect solution with winter coming up soon.

The lower level of the home features an antique, pot belly, wood burning stove, perfect for entertainment purposes such as gatherings but that is not limited to that. A lot of possibilities can be explored on the lower level with an ample amount of space and a unique feature, such as the stove to add a homey feel to it.

Right by the pot belly stove features a door taking you to a tiny storage space, where you can place any firewood or wooden materials. Below the lower level is the basement, where you can place a washer and dryer machine.

This home is perfect for the right family looking to find space and for those who have children in need of separate rooms. It is also within a three mile radius from Hammonton Middle and High Schools as well as a low noise level in the surrounding area for those looking for some peace and solitude.

This home is currently listed at $349,900 listed by Crowley and Carr Real Estate. For more information, please contact realtor Philip Carr at (609) 561-0505.


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