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Sports Editor adding depth to “news” bench

Gazette team enhancing coverage

HAMMONTON—Twenty-eight-year Hammonton Gazette veteran, Dan Russoman will be adding to his role at the newspaper. Russoman will be merging a new role of News Director into his current Sports Editor’s duties. Fellow Gazette teammates will also be expanding their roles.

The move, designed to increase the paper’s hyper local focus, includes tapping into the current staff’s extensive knowledge of the community while simultaneously increasing “boots on the ground” improving coverage in the area.

While Russoman will be more active in newsroom leadership, Mohammed Fuad will be stepping down from the Editor’s role at The Gazette to take on the position of full-time reporter. The decision reflects a growing trend among journalists who seek a hands-on approach to community reporting. Fuad believes that by immersing himself in the day-to-day experiences of the community, he can better understand and report on the community.

“While editing allowed me to shape the direction of the paper, reporting lets me live it. I want to be more engaged with the community, listening to the voices of our community and bringing their stories to light in a more personal way,” Fuad said.

As Russoman adds the responsibilities of the News Director to his plate, he remains dedicated to continuing in his role as Sports Editor – a role that has been pivotal in fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment both inside the office and in the community. The move allows him to share that same passion, insight, and commitment to The Gazette’s news coverage as well.

Incoming Publisher Craig Richards said that community journalism requires a lifestyle committed to immersing yourself in your community.

“With Mohammed dedicating himself to full-time reporting and Dan taking on more leadership responsibilities, The Gazette team is stronger.”

“While few journalists know this community better than Dan Russoman, I have found The Gazette possesses another gem as well,” Richards added. “I was immediately impressed with the professionalism, skill and knowledge possessed by the entire team here at Hammonton. Jaime Wuillermin, MarySusan Hoffman and Kristin Guglietti, along with a stable of freelancers, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the community. And while Dan will help steer the ship, The Gazette will be employing a news by committee format of sorts.” Collectively the team discusses weekly news coverage for the upcoming issues.

Team input into coverage is a testament to the evolving nature of journalism, a commitment to a richer, more immersive storytelling experience for the readers of The Gazette. This new alignment of the staff took place on January 1st of this year.


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