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Stunning property on Lakeshore with plenty of space

THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. This home, located at 122 Lakeshore Drive, is listed by Jeff Fusco with Crowley and Carr for $549,900.

The 122 Lakeshore Drive home has a lot to offer new and potential buyers in the area, including a porch, ample yard space and a new roof. When outside the home, potential buyers will notice the massive driveway leading up to the garage of the home. The two-car garage has lights on either side to help see in the dark. A walkway from the garage leads to the porch of the home, where potential buyers are met with thin columns and some shrubs that can grow, giving the porch some privacy. A blue door leads into the home, where guests are met with the option of going up the stairs and into the upstairs, or around the stairs to the first floor.

Staying on the first floor, potential buyers will notice the big amounts of space next to the stairs. Whether guests walk left or right at the stairs, they will find two big rooms with hardwood floors. Each of these rooms could be used for different occasions, potentially a dining room and a living room of the home. A chandelier hangs from the right side of the first floor.

Moving into the kitchen of the home, guests will find a pot rack hanging above their heads, along with ceiling lights. White cabinets line the walls in the kitchen, with granite countertops and updated appliances. Hardwood floors run throughout, with an island in the middle of the room. A table and few chairs could also fit in this room, possibly next to the two windows in the area.

Moving further into the home, potential buyers are met with a large room with multiple windows. A sliding glass door in the room leads to the outside deck of the home, with a fireplace and fan also being featured in the room. Hardwood floors contrast well against the white colored walls of the home, with a strip of black marble in front of the fireplace.

Heading upstairs, the master bedroom is the first room that people will gravitate towards. One of the largest rooms in the house, the master bedroom offers ample space and even its own bathroom. Complete with new appliances and hardwood floors, the bedroom has a lot to offer. Three windows are visible in the room, allowing for light to slowly creep in on a sunny morning.

The other rooms of the home are similar, with the three rooms sharing the same amount of space. Hardwood floors are visible throughout, with most of the rooms sporting white walls as well. The other bathroom in the home is small, however still features a shower, toilet and sink.

The outside of the home is perfect for potential buyers with children, with a large deck leading out to the backyard. The deck is large enough to fit more than one grill, and could even feature a small pool. The backyard offers plenty of space for children or pets to run around in, and features a shed in the back. The property is fenced in, so potential buyers wouldn’t have to worry about adding a fence to the home.

This property is listed at $549,900 by Jeff Fusco with Crowley and Carr. For more information of the property, contact Fusco at (609) 226-9062.


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