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Swim club comeback

It’s easier than ever for you and your family to enjoy the Hammonton Swim Club. (Courtesy Photo)

The Hammonton Swim Club continues its comeback—even during a pandemic—thanks in part to the people pictured on this week’s front page and thanks in part to a community that continues to want to support generations-old civic institutions like the swim club.

For those who grew up around the club and enjoyed the safe, fun environment just off the White Horse Pike (Route 30), the news is particularly good: the traditions have been retained. There have been additional programs, advertising campaigns and improvements to the facilities made in recent years as well.

The Hammonton Swim Club may be an anachronism is 2021—but so are other Hammonton institutions, like the downtown area, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Red, White & Blueberry Festival, Cruisin’ MainStreet and locally-owned and operated businesses like The Gazette.

In other words, just because it’s a throwback doesn’t mean the swim club doesn’t keep up with the times and doesn’t mean the place isn’t popular.

What has always made the Hammonton Swim Club work is long, hot, sunny summer days, a huge pool surrounded by lounge chairs and picnic tables, a kiddie pool, basketball courts, a snack bar, swim meets featuring the hometown team, the Hammonton Stingrays, movie and sports nights on the big screen and the feeling of being connected to other local people. Plus, it takes less time to drive to the swim club than it does to the shore.

It’s a simple place that’s immaculately kept, without a lot of frills but filled with a lot of pride. The people who belong to the club care a great deal about it, and they have worked hard to keep it going after all these years. Drive by this summer and you’ll see the fruits of those labors on display.

“We’re upgrading out kitchen this year. We have new furniture coming in; we have 50 new lawn chairs to go around the pool, which are great,” swim club vice president Vincenzo Penza said.

There aren’t a lot of better ways to spend a late afternoon and early summer evening locally than sitting by the pool at the swim club with family and friends, enjoying the breeze and the conversation as another day comes to an end.

If you’re thinking about signing your family up for membership at the Hammonton Swim Club, stop thinking and do it. It’s a great place to spend the summer. The club has a variety of memberships, or you can pay per week or pay per session.

It’s easier than ever for you and your family to enjoy the Hammonton Swim Club. Be part of a tradition that is working on having a bright future.


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