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Take a look at 219 Broadway

THG/Mohammed Fuad. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. This house at 219 Broadway is currently on the market.

A house is available on the market at 219 Broadway. This four bedroom and two-and-a-half bathroom home just needs some remodeling done on some parts of the house but otherwise, it is a great house.

The first floor of the house is combined into two levels. The lower level of the first floor takes you to a room that can be used either as an extra bedroom or an office. The half- bathroom is located on that level of the first floor as well as the utility room, which is spacious enough to fit washer and dryer appliances in there. Next to the utility room is the garage that is big enough for two cars or extra storage for the house.

Next to the garage will take you to the den, which is a unique part of the house as the den comes with a fireplace. It has an ample amount of space where you can use it as an extra living room. The carpet in the den needs to be replaced as well as a few parts of the wall needs some fixing but otherwise, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the condition of the house. The kitchen is next to the den, where it comes with an electric stove, wooden cabinets and dishwasher. There is an ample amount of space in the kitchen, where you can fit a table in there to make it into a combination of a kitchen/dining room. The countertops of the kitchen are marble and it looks fairly remodeled based on the condition of the kitchen. Next to the kitchen is the living room and all of that is located on the upper level of the first floor. The front door of the home is just to the bottom right of the first floor as you take the mini-steps down.

Below the lower level of the house is the half-basement, where it is painted and incredibly spacious. The half-basement comes with built-in shelves that can used for extra storage for items and appliances that may not be able to fit anywhere else in the house above. A new roof was installed in 2021, with the roof shingles having a 50-year guarantee as well as a 10-year labor warranty.

The second floor of the house has three bedrooms and the master bedroom. The three bedrooms have enough room for a family that has many kids to have their own rooms. The master bedroom is really spacious and inside the master bedroom is one full bathroom. The other bathroom of the house is located in the hall of the second floor and is fully remodeled, with a new shower and everything included.

While there are some repairs and a little remodeling done to the carpet in the den and the walls, the interior and exterior of the house doesn’t make it off-putting and outweighs some of the negatives. The neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful and is located in a great part of town in the downtown Hammonton area. The front yard is huge and can be used for recreational activities when the weather starts getting warmer, which makes this home valuable for the next customer. If anything, the house still looks beautiful but just needs a little bit of tinkering.

The house is currently listed at $360,000, which has dropped since its listing in October. If interested, you can contact John D’Agostino of Exit D’Agostino Agency Real Estate at 609-561-6112.


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