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The Hammys are coming! The Hammys are coming!

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It’s just around the corner. As consistent as the onset of summer itself, The Hammonton Gazette’s “Hammy” Awards have become a cherished tradition, spotlighting the best of local businesses and community entities through the voices of the people. For those of you who don’t know… we suppose there might be a few… This readers’ choice program, affectionately known as the “Hammys,” empowers the Hammonton community to vote for their favorites across over 100 diverse categories, ranging from dining establishments and retail stores to community organizations and service providers.

The significance of the Hammys lies in its ability to shine a spotlight on the variety and richness of Hammonton’s business landscape. Each vote cast is a testament to the quality and impact of the nominated businesses, providing invaluable recognition and a morale boost to all of those who receive votes. For many local businesses, just receiving support through votes cast in the Hammys is more than just an accolade; it is a seal of approval from their customers and a mark of trust within the community.

Moreover, the Hammys are designed to serve as a powerful promotional tool. The exposure gained from being a nominee or winner serves to spotlight our local business community with the hope it will generate increased foot traffic, higher sales, and enhanced brand visibility.

This recognition helps smaller, perhaps lesser-known businesses gain traction and attract new customers who might not have discovered them otherwise. The award process encourages community members to explore different parts of the town, fostering a stronger, more interconnected local economy.

The event also cultivates a sense of pride and camaraderie among Hammonton residents. By participating in the voting process, locals are given a voice in celebrating and supporting their favorite businesses. This communal engagement not only strengthens the bonds within the community but also encourages a culture of mutual support and local loyalty.

In essence, the Hammy Awards are more than just a voting program. They are a celebration of Hammonton’s vibrant business community, a catalyst for economic growth, and a testament to the town’s collective spirit. By highlighting excellence and fostering local pride, The Hammonton Gazette strives to give our business community and organizations of Hammonton the recognition they deserve.

To do our best to keep the Hammys as fair and fun as possible, voting will include online ballots and printed ballots. One vote per individual printed ballot will be counted and only one vote per IP address will be counted digitally. Official ballots will begin in the newspaper on Wednesday, June 5 and online voting will begin around that time.

Look for the next issue of The Gazette for more details. Advertisers wanting to promote their business for the Hammys can contact Craig or Carina at (609) 704-1939.


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