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The Nail Room in Simply Salon Suites

THG/Mohammed Fuad. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. Joliene Sacco’s The Nail Room provides services that protect the nails and has a personable environment for customers to enjoy.

Joliene Sacco was able to stay home and raise her three children for 23 years prior to returning to the nail salon business. She then worked at various nail salons before starting her own nail salon business. An owner of The Nail Room, which has a new location at Simply Salon Suites, Sacco tries to create a more personable setting for her clients than what the salon setting offers.

“It’s just a personal setting, it’s not a salon setting anymore, it’s one-on-one which is really nice. My philosophy is to put my clients’ needs first and they’re not squeezed into any appointments that are rushed and I take my time with them,” Sacco said.

Sacco’s specialty is natural nails and provides services that protect the nails. For the pedicures, she uses a liner that differs from the pedicure units that have jets and pipes on them, which are not always the safest compared to the liners. In addition, she also takes classes to keep up with the latest trends in nail care.

“There’s never really any harsh chemical or smell in my environment, I try to provide services that are more protective of the nails. For my pedicures, I use liners to protect the clients because the pedicure units today, they have the jets and the pipes, and they’re not always the safest so the liners keep the clients pretty safe. I use high quality products and keep a sanitary environment for my clients,” Sacco said.

She was at her previous location for ten years, which she loved, before the building was sold. Moving into the new location in the beginning of March at Simply Salon Suites, Sacco said that there was one spot remaining and she managed to get it. She loves the new personable environment that her nail salon provides as well as the security that it offers. It provides a relaxing experience, compared to the salon environment where it can get loud at times.

“It’s very relaxing because you don’t have to hear other people talking, it’s just the two of us, one on one. I feel like people want that service for manicures and pedicures, they want to relax and not have to hear the blow dryers and all the other people around them,” Sacco said.

Sacco also believes the new location and her suite is meant for her in a spiritual sense.

“It was meant for me, I think. It’s Suite 8, which to me is great because it means infinity,” Sacco smiled.

Entering her salon, it offers a peaceful environment as well as aesthetics such as a wall full of nail polish consisting of different colors and styles. She also has a unique flowery painting canvas hanging on the wall. Sacco offers her signature manicure, which meticulously shapes and polishes the nails with high quality nail polish. Her spa pedicures have scrubs and soaks, involving plenty of hydration to the hands and feet.

The Nail Room is located at Simply Salon Suites on 900 12th Street. You can reach her on her scheduling system at and you can type in The Nail Room to schedule your appointment. You can contact her at (609) 868-9253 and on Instagram @nailrm.


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