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Town council 2021

Councilman Sam Rodio (left) placed his hand on a Bible held by his son, Sam Rodio Jr. (right), while being administered the oath of office by Judge Frank Raso. (THG/Joseph F. Berenato. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

On January 4, three members of town council were sworn into office. The two incumbents who returned to the council were Councilman Stephen Furgione, a Republican who ran on the Hammonton First ticket; and Sam Rodio, a member of Hammonton First who also ran on the Hammonton First ticket. Councilman William Olivo, a former Republican councilman, also ran successfully on the Hammonton First ticket this year and was sworn into office on January 4.

Hammonton First retained its majority on the town council with the election of these three men. Only one member of council—Councilman Joseph Giralo—can say he has continued to run with the Republican Party on the local level. In late 2020, Giralo publicly announced his desire to be the Republican candidate for Atlantic County Clerk.

As the municipality begins the new year 2021, many of the issues that were being dealt with in 2020 remain in the new year. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, its associated health issues, the impact it continues to have on the local, regional and global economies as well as the usual (but now underfunded) need to continue work on infrastructure problems throughout town are all challenges facing the town and its town council.

Hammonton has shown a great deal of resilience during the last year. It will be critical for the council (and, on the school side, the board of education) to make strong, solid decisions that keep the best interests of all residents of Hammonton in mind.

We have come this far as a community. The goal of our elected officials must be to consistently put the interests of the taxpaying citizens of Hammonton and their families ahead of their own needs. Sacrifices may need to be made by the town council in 2021, but those sacrifices will be well worth it if the town is to thrive.


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