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WYNNOW gives efficient market for contractors

THG/Mohammed Fuad. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. WYNNOW owner Michael Holte created WYNNOW to help connect customers to hire trusted professional services for home improvement needs.

Prior to starting WYNNOW, Hammonton resident Michael Holte worked various jobs and started a business on his own. After going to Atlantic Cape Community College for computer programming and business, he didn’t want to sit down and code all day in a computer as he was more of a hands-on type of person so he later shifted into the business side as he always had an entrepreneurial mindset.

“I wanted to develop, build and run a company, just kind of make a difference and build something,” Holte said.

Working in Home Depot in the plumbing, heating and kitchens department, a job came up in Hammonton doing heating and air for houses. He then took the job and worked there for a couple of years before the company was sold and was then working for another company before the entire division was laid off. He started his own heating and air company, joking that “I’m never getting fired again.” He did admit that it was “very rough.”

“That was rough, it was really rough, actually. It seemed like a good idea but you start a company from nothing, it’s almost impossible. You have no customers, no money, you have no vehicles, you really don’t have anything but just like a drive. I’m driven, I just want to succeed but how?” Holte said.

In order to help gain traction, he started exploring different marketing options and dealing with lead generation companies. But after realizing that after earning a couple hundred dollars, he’d owe more than what he’d make to the lead generation companies so that led him to start thinking differently. This eventually led to the blueprint of WYNNOW.

“That kind of led me to start thinking differently. How can I improve the way that it is for guys like me that want to come up and start a business but don’t know where to start, don’t have a system to run it through or to help organize things? So that’s where the concept of WYNNOW initially came from,” Holte said.

WYNNOW is a social networking website where it connects customers to local services.

According to the website, it helps customers hire trusted professionals for their service needs, which consists of plumbing, electricians, carpenters, cleaning and pest control. Holte said that WYNNOW is not only used to make it easier for the homeowners to locate services but a system for contractors to use. It can be used online as well as on the app and customers can locate a service and describe the service needed in their home as well as providing photos. Contractors have the option to do the service and can respond to it for either the day of or a future date. Half of the motivation for the company is not only to make it efficient for all parties involved but to also prevent customers’ information going to multiple contractors and leading to competition amongst the contractors to gain services, leading to frustration from customers as they felt they’re being solicited to multiple people after entering information in hopes of getting services.

Holte hopes to not only create an efficient market for contractors and customers but to also make it easier for contractors and to give them the choice to do the service. Holte helped develop the system to make it accessible not only to the country but all over the world. Although legalities are different in other countries such as Dubai, he hopes this makes it easier for customers to get the best service they can without the hassle of contacting different specific services.

WYNNOW is available online at and you can also download the WYNNOW app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


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