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Yorktown Blvd. offers great location

This home at 206 Yorktown Blvd. is listed for $174,900 by Sharon DeMarco DeStefano of Crowley and Carr. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Right off Pleasant Mills Road in Hammonton, 206 Yorktown Blvd. offers a great location and space for an affordable price. The neighborhood that the condo is located in is serene, and is a perfect distance from the White Horse Pike.

The condo is only a few minutes away from Sofia’s Supreme Subs, Joe Italiano’s Maplewood Inn, and many shopping centers, giving it an appealing location.

Listed at $174,900, this condo is on the smaller side, however, a small family or a couple would be comfortable in the condo. The outside of the condo fits in well with the other condos, with white siding and a white door.

A few bushes can be seen outside the condo, allowing for some privacy and separation from the other units. Two parking spaces are also provided for the owner of the condo as well, which is conveniently right out front of it.

When walking into the condo, the first thing visible to the eye is the light pouring in from the sliding glass door featured on the first floor. The sliding door leads to a small area outside where a table could be set up, or rather maybe an area for little ones to run around. The room featuring the sliding door is fairly large, and could be used as a common area for the condo.

A dark tan paint lines the walls, with a white ceiling and a ceiling fan. A grey, or maybe dark brown carpet is featured in this room, adding some comfort from the hardwood floors at the entrance. The area allows for many pieces of furniture to be added, possibly a television set and a large couch.

Walking to the right of the common area, guests will find the kitchen that is featured in the condo. Nice new hardwood lines the floors of the kitchen, and has a grey and black swirling pattern. The paint on the walls is the same as the common area, and this room also features a ceiling fan. The cabinets and drawers of the kitchen are wooden with a light brown stained color on them.

Granite counter tops and all new appliances are located in the kitchen, as well as a light to help owners see what they are cooking at night.

Walking upstairs in the condo, guests will notice another space, which can be used as the master bedroom. The same dark tan paint that was downstairs lines the walls of the upstairs room as well, with the same grey carpet that was featured downstairs. The downstairs and upstairs spaces are roughly around the same size, except the upstairs room features a full bathroom.

The bathroom is a lighter color of tan than the rest of the condo, and features a shower, toilet and sink with a mirror. The shower itself also functions as bath tub. The bathroom is small; however, this should not be too much of a hassle.

While the condo itself may be on the smaller side, it does offer different amenities that are located near the condo. A clubhouse, tennis courts and playground are only a few of these amenities listed and are perfect for any homeowner.

To learn more about 206 Yorktown Blvd., interested buyers can contact Sharon DeMarco DeStefano with Crowley and Carr Real Estate at (609) 839-8660.


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