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A summer of fun in town

Michael and Daniel Wuillermin at Flag Football

As I sat at the dinner table over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I glanced at a calendar full of school events and deadlines as well as baseball games and activities that were soon coming to an end. While we knew this meant summer time was fast approaching, we started planning for things to do with our family.

For us and our family farm many summer activities are involving community sports and camps and local festivals as well as summer sports. Our family vacation time comes in another season. One thing we can always count on here in Hammonton is the endless number of activities offered to families and children of all ages. It is not hard to find the local community camps, sports and programs posted on Hammonton’s Facebook pages and of course in The Gazette.

Many local churches offer summer camp programs, The Hammonton Family Success Center offers camp too along with summer activities mostly free of charge and then there are a number of youth camps such as Camp Tuscaloosa, Hammonton Little League Baseball Camp and more. Even the school stayed on board with our kids offering educational programs that were recommended to some students for extra help in the summer and did I mention the amazing music program that extends to many throughout the summer keeping kids involved musically in both the elementary and middle school.

Hammonton continues to provide an amazing number of programs and activities to keep our children busy and in shape. Once we decided which camps and activities and festivals, we would be participating in there were almost zero empty spaces on our once blank summer month calendars.

Our three boys go to bed happy and exhausted each and every night. We are grateful and blessed to be in a town that supports and provides so many activities and sports and recreational events.

Our hats off to everyone who volunteers their time during the summer to keep our kids and the kids of many others who work full time throughout the summer season busy. Summertime boredom does not exist in our town, well at least that is in my opinion.

Jaime Wuillermin is the office manager/copy editor for The Hammonton Gazette.


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