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The Hammonton Gazette is your best local source for reaching local advertisers. We offer competitive rates, great yearly pricing.



Why Advertise in The Gazette?



The Hammonton Gazette has the customer base with a significant disposable income. Homeowners, people who like to go to restaurants, shows, clubs, events and shopping all read The Hammonton Gazette. Target a readership that is guaranteed to respond to your advertising with their dollars.



Hammonton is a stable community, where people choose to live for decades, not years. Repeat customers who read The Hammonton Gazette are waiting to read your advertisement. A weekly ad contract in our newspaper is guaranteed an audience of thousands, who consider their local weekly newspaper a must-read. The Hammonton Gazette is "appointment" reading every week.



You will not find a lower price for print advertising in the region. We keep our rates low, and our quality and service high. Try us and see The Hammonton Gazette service difference. Every advertiser is a valued customer, and is serviced to the highest level. We will exceed your expectations!


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-Digital Edition: full digital facsimile edition of The Gazette with paid readership

-Online show “Gazette Sports Week” advertising available 



What is The Hammonton Gazette?


- The largest weekly newspaper in Atlantic County

- Has thousands of weekly readers

- Most widely read weekly paper among political figures in the area

- Established in 1997

- Newspaper offering 6 sections each week

- On-line version updated with breaking news


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