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Charming storefront home at 12th St.

Kristin Guglietti/THG This home, located on 318 12th St., is listed by John D’Agostino of EXIT D’Agostino Agency Real Estate for $350,000.

Business owners should consider moving to a charming storefront home located at 318 12th St.

The first floor used to be a retail store and the second floor is a decent-sized two bedroom apartment.

When it comes to parking, there’s plenty of space for people to park their cars either in the lot next to the home or on the street.

This home built in 1960 is located within walking distance of Bruni’s Pizza, Bagliani’s, Fiesta Mexicana, Vinyl Brewing Co. and more, which makes it a great location for new owners to enjoy some of the popular restaurants and shops the town has to offer.

If new homeowners want to change the first floor, a variance from town hall would be needed to convert the first floor to a second apartment. Otherwise, the first floor can currently be used for the new owner’s business.

The first floor offers plenty of space to set up a shop. The first floor also has a handicap bathroom.

To get upstairs to the two bedroom apartment, there is a door that separates the two floors.

Going upstairs, people will be greeted by a lovely, spacious living room area. The windows on the second floor look down into some of the popular restaurants in town. New owners can enjoy reading a book while overlooking the town.

Next to the living room area, is the kitchen, which comes with a gas stove, refrigerator, oven and microwave. There is plenty of cabinet space and a pantry to store various items and utensils.

Near the kitchen is the washer and dryer, so after cooking meals new owners can do laundry then relax and watch TV.

There is a full bathroom that has a shower and tub set up.

As mentioned, there are two bedrooms. The first bedroom has a large closet.

Meanwhile, the second bedroom has a door in the ceiling leading to the attic, which is prefect for storage. This bedroom could also be used as an office space.

The charming storefront home is currently listed for $350,000 and is located within walking distance from the downtown shops. It could be a great place to set up shop.

This house is listed through John D’Agostino of EXIT D’Agostino Agency Real Estate. For more information, call (609) 561-6112.


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