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Classic cape cod home available on WHP

Runtz Smoke Shop located at Raspberry Run Plaza, 900 Rt. 54, opened on September 9.

The owner of the smoke shop, Sanjay Sonara, said this is the smoke shop’s second location. The first Runtz Smoke Shop is located in Atco.

Sonara has worked at smoke shops for seven years. He decided to open his own shop because members of his family also own smoke shops.

“My brother and my uncle they all own smoke shops and my brother-in-law, we all own smoke shops so it was like why not? Especially now with marijuana legalized,” he said.

The store sells a variety of items from premium cigars to hookahs.

“We sell bongs. We sell every glass accessory for the bongs. We sell bubblers to chillums to stems to bowls. We sell CBD, kratom, delta 8, rolling trays, torches, lighters, to electronic devices for marijuana and we sell drinks, exotic snacks, wraps, cigarettes, vapes, rolling paper, butane for the lighters, grinders. We sell it all,” he said.

According to Sonara, business has been great since the grand opening.

“It’s been very good. Better than I’ve expected because a lot of customers from Hammonton used to go to Atco,” he said.

When people walk inside Runtz Smoke Shop, the large space is full of shelves with different items for smoking.

“We have everything you need for smoke. We literally have it all, whatever you need. It’s like a one stop shop for smokers. Everything they need, we have,” Sonara said.

The wall on the right is full of colorful glass bongs. One of them features a sugar skull.

“No one can tell me, ‘You don’t have this bong.’ I have it all,” he said.

The most expensive bongs are locked in a case.

Sonara said some people collect bongs and will spend a lot of money.

“Some people will spend up to thousands on bongs. My most expensive one I sold was $5,000,” he said.

Besides items for smoking, Runtz Smoke Shop also carries items for snacking. Some of the exotic snacks include Oreos and Skittles from Asia.

Customers will also be able to play the NJ Lottery at the store.

Sonara said his favorite part of working at a smoke shop is meeting different people.

“You get to meet different people that you’ve probably never seen in this town that exist,” he said.

He’s met people from Delaware, Long Island and Maryland.

In the future, Sonara hopes to open a third smoke shop.

For more information about Runtz Smoke Shop, call (609) 481-2550 and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @runtzsmokeshop.


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