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Feigin named partner at ARH

Carolyn Feigin, PE, PP

HAMMONTON—It all began in 1935, when Earl Rehmann and John Adams performed a survey together in Buena Township. After being paid with a $10 bill, the duo ripped the bill and each took half to memorialize their partnership. Nearly 90 years later, Adams, Rehmann and Heggan Associates (ARH) continues to make history as the company proudly appoints its first female shareholder, Carolyn Feigin, PE, PP.

Richard Rehmann, the grandson of Earl, became part of the ownership team and has served as President and CEO since 2013. Feigin joins the leadership team along with current owners Richard Heggan, PLS, PP, and Jeffery MacPhee, PLS, all of whom are dedicated to advancing the ARH mission.

“We want to find good people who want to do great work. That’s the core. What we end up with is a group of people on a team who are connected to what they do and have an impact on the communities that we serve and that they make a difference… Carolyn fit right into that, right into the ethos, our core culture, and core competencies. She’s been a great impact to what do we and she’s actually brought people because of her reputation. It was a really pivotal moment for us. Carolyn’s special. It’s a special moment,” Rehmann said.

Feigin’s impressive near-30-year career was started at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Furthermore, she holds licenses as a professional engineer and planner in New Jersey, as well as a license as a professional engineer in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining ARH, she worked with DW Smith Associates, FWH Associates, and Own, Little and Associates.

When asked about the distinctive qualities she brings to ARH, Feigin said she is determined.

“I am determined. I have a personality where I’m understanding especially from someone else’s perspective. One of our fundamentals is putting yourself in the client’s shoes. I always want to be a problem solver and solution finder. I really take it personally when something is not going right. I want to fix things and I’ll put in whatever hours it takes to get it right and to meet a deadline. I never want to disappoint. Another fundamental of ours is honoring commitment, which I take to heart personally and professionally,” Feigin said.

While reflecting on her journey, Feigin said her 30 years of hard work resulted in this new opportunity at ARH.

“It feels like nearly 30 years of hard hard work are resulting in this awesome opportunity. I’ve been at ARH for two years now and we’re a great fit. The first night I came on the interview with Rich and George everything they were telling me sounded great, almost unbelievable.

But after I’ve been here for two years they weren’t pulling my leg. Everything they promised and everything the company stands for—all of the values, and fundamentals that Rich and the team have implemented here align with how I operate. Professionally I’m proud of where I am and I thank them for seeing it in me,” Feigin said.

Feigin’s dedication to ARH is evident not only in her words but also in her actions; she exemplifies the company’s fundamentals.

With leaders like Feigin, who personifies this ethos in her every endeavor, the future is filled with promise.


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