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Financial consultant Sam Rodio Jr.

Career day in seventh grade posed a simple yet pivotal task for Sam Rodio Jr. As he sat among his classmates, each tasked with envisioning their future careers, Rodio confidently wrote down “Financial Consultant” without a second thought. This decisive moment, on a seemingly ordinary day in school, would set the stage for a life journey that melded his passions—investing and baseball.

Growing up in the close-knit community of Hammonton, Rodio developed a deep appreciation for family, friends and the values of hard work. His roots in this town have not only shaped his character but also influenced his approach to business and community involvement.

It was this strong sense of connection that led Rodio to back to Hammonton after earning his bachelor’s in finance from St. Joseph’s University in 2007.

Unknowingly, Rodio was entering his investment career during the start of the Great Recession, facing challenges that would shape his approach to investment and financial planning.

Upon his return, Rodio found mentorship and guidance under the experienced hand of Bruce Gandolfi, a seasoned professional in the financial advisory realm. Together, they navigated the turbulent economic landscape, honing their skills and building a foundation of trust within the community.

With Gandolfi heading toward retirement, Rodio has stepped into a new role as the owner of the Gandolfi business, bringing about transformative changes. The firm is undergoing a significant rebranding process, emerging as TwentyFour Investments—a name inspired by Rodio’s personal history as a homage to his cherished baseball number.

Under Rodio’s leadership, TwentyFour Investments has not only retained its core values of integrity and client-focused service but has also embraced innovation and modernization. The firm’s move to a new office suite on Bellevue Avenue marked a symbolic step forward, signaling a commitment to growth and excellence in financial advisory services.

With the addition of talented professionals like Jessie Adamucci, who brings a wealth of expertise in client service, technology integration and marketing strategies, TwentyFour Investments is poised for continued success and expansion.

At TwentyFour Investments, personalization is key. Rodio leads clients through comprehensive financial and retirement planning by understanding their unique circumstances, crafting tailored investment plans for long-term growth and stability.

The firm’s ethos, instilled by founder Gandolfi, revolves around the principle that financial success isn’t just about what you earn, but also about what you keep. This philosophy guides discussions on careful wealth management, appropriate risk-taking and maintaining a disciplined approach amidst market fluctuations. They create 10, 20 and 30-year financial plans, adapting strategies to evolving market conditions.

Rodio and the TwentyFour team prioritize financial education, guiding clients away from impulsive choices and hot trends to tried-and-true strategies aligned with their goals. Their streamlined processes and digital tools enhance client relationships while empowering informed decision-making.

Beyond his role in the financial realm, Rodio is deeply engaged in enriching the Hammonton community, reflecting his values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

As the founder of the Hammonton Hot Shots in 2004, Rodio’s enduring passion for baseball has manifested in various roles over the years. He not only played an integral role on the field but also took on the responsibilities of leading and managing the team.

This dual commitment reflects his ability to navigate challenges, whether it was starting his career during the financial crisis in 2008 or revitalizing a baseball team in a league facing potential closure.

Through his involvement, Rodio has dedicated significant time to the local Little League, contributing alongside the Hot Shots to enhance Hammonton’s baseball infrastructure. Their efforts included substantial renovations to the Senior League Field and the Major League field, along with organizing clinics and coaching young players. His commitment spanned exactly two decades, with last season marking his final year, leaving a lasting impact on the South Jersey sports scene.

As he shifts his focus back from baseball to business, Rodio remains committed to supporting the Hot Shots and the baseball community from the outfield.

“There’s nothing like the competition even as a coach in a team sport, I know that’s something I will miss. I enjoy business as I do baseball and I’m looking forward to putting more time into that passion” Rodio said.

For financial guidance, connect Rodio and TwentyFour Investments at 233 Bellevue Ave, Suite 1 Hammonton NJ 08037.


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