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Forged Soul Fitness & Yoga in new location

Kristin Guglietti/THG Forged Soul Fitness & Yoga owners Jason Salter (left) and Caryn Campanelli moved into their new location on North Egg Harbor Road. The new location is four times bigger and will offer the same classes as well as new classes that are to be announced.

Forged Soul Fitness & Yoga moved from 218B Bellevue Ave. to their new location at 103 N. Egg Harbor Road in May.

Forged Soul Fitness & Yoga owners Caryn Campanelli and Jason Salter share a love of fitness, which led them to open a place in Winslow Township four years ago, and later, they opened a second location in Hammonton.

“About two and a half years ago, we took over the location in Hammonton over on Bellevue, but we outgrew the space so now we’re here,” Campanelli said.

The new location is four times bigger and will offer the same classes as well as new classes that are to be announced.

One thing that was important to them was offering a variety of workouts in one location.

“One of the things that was so important to me is finding somewhere that has so many options because I would go to a yoga studio for yoga and then I would go to a gym for weights and then I would go somewhere else for kickboxing,” Campanelli said.

Forged Soul Fitness & Yoga has many classes including barre, dance, kickboxing, strength and conditioning, trapeze yoga, Zumba and more.

“We’re not just a yoga studio, we have things like barre, trapeze classes, dance fitness, strength classes and things like maybe in a gym you don’t get all the different types of yoga and in a yoga studio you don’t get all the different types of fitness stuff. Here, we have a really nice blend of both,” Campanelli said.

She said the barre classes are great for people who have mobility or balance issues.

“They can get this really fine strength conditioning that they wouldn’t have been able to get at a regular fitness class,” Campanelli said.

Another class they offer is trapeze yoga, which allows people to do things in yoga they wouldn’t normally be able to do.

“Most people can’t do a handstand and hangout for a couple minutes in a regular yoga class, but in trapeze, because you’re supported by the fabric, you’re able to hang upside down and get all that decompression in the spine,” Campanelli said. “So it really feels good and people feel fancy because they can do things that they normally can’t do.”

There’s a back area at the new location that they are still working on. Salter said the back area will be for more general fitness.

“I’ve always been kind of involved in fitness and then when we decided to open up the gym, I wanted to help other people try to get as strong as they can,” Salter said.

Campanelli’s advice for people new to fitness and yoga is to “just come.”

“You just have to show up and just be open and being willing to come to the studio for the first time,” Campanelli said. “There’s going to be a supportive group of people ready to welcome you, and everybody’s here with their own difficulties. Nobody here is like an Olympic athlete. Everybody here is just trying to do their best and get healthy.”

The classes are capped at a certain size, so it’s important to register a spot in the class early before it gets full.

“We try to keep it at a certain number, so everybody can get individualized attention even though it is in a group setting,” Salter said.

Forged Soul Fitness & Yoga currently has a promotion for new members to try any of the classes in either studio for $30 for 30 days.

For more information, call (856) 210-3612, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @forgedsoulfitness.


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