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Luxury & comfort at Rejuvenation Day Spa

Kristin Guglietti/THG Jana Sliwecki is the business owner, aesthetician and massage therapist at Rejuvenation Day Spa located at 1 Sindoni Ln.

Rejuvenation Day Spa has provided luxury and comfort spa treatments for 12 years.

Jana Sliwecki, the business owner, aesthetician and massage therapist at Rejuvenation Day Spa has been in the spa industry for over 30 years.

She previously worked at a small spa in Northfield for 15 years.

After starting a family, she took time away from the spa in Northfield and then she started doing facials and massages locally in Hammonton.

Some services at Rejuvenation Day Spa include facials, peels, dermal infusion, MediCupping and massages.

“We’re just recently bringing on buccal massage, which one of my girls Krissy [Kristen] Dunphey is a licensed aesthetician and massage therapist. She went to Miami and took a buccal course, so November 1 she started offering it here, and nobody in the area offers it,” Sliwecki said.

Buccal is a facial contouring massage.

“It’s outside of the face. You can do facial contouring, but then she also will have gloved hands and she can go inside the mouth and pull different areas of muscle to facilitate pain relief from TMJ [temporomandibular joints], headaches, migraines. The facial contouring aspect of it is great for lifting and toning the facial features,” Sliwecki said.

Sliwecki does a lot of research of new technologies coming out that she will introduce to the spa’s clients.

“I’m always looking for the latest and newest technology to bring in to keep it fresh and new and interesting for our clientele,” Sliwecki said.

For first time clients looking for an aesthetic treatment, Sliwecki suggests to book a custom facial so the licensed aesthetician can do a full skin analysis and decide what treatment protocol would be best for that individual.

For massages, clients will also have a consultation with the massage therapist prior to the service.

Sliwecki said the people are her favorite part of working at Rejuvenation Day Spa.

“The people and the relationships that you build with the community, with my staff. I’m very extremely fortunate to have an amazing staff, an amazing support system here locally, but we’ve also been able to grow outside our little blueberry capital of the world. I have some clients that take the ferry over Delaware to come into Rejuvenation. I have people who come from Philly, Pennsylvania, Maryland,” Sliwecki said.

Sliwecki chose Hammonton as a location because Hammonton is the town where she grew up and currently lives in. Her children ages 26 and 22 also went to school in Hammonton.

During the holidays, Rejuvenation Day Spa will have a sale for the gift certificates, which will be buy six gift certificates, get one gift certificate free ($50 minimum).

There are also items available for purchase that could be great gifts for the holidays including candles and skin care products.

For more information about Rejuvenation Day Spa, call (609) 561-6327, visit their website, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @rejuvenationdayspa and follow them on TikTok @rejuvdayspa.


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